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-_._1111" 92 The frr/i Backe of fDiuinitie, CHAp.4 Aas r.t6,i7. r Gen.45115',7 f átn.Soio. t u Geny.4,S11 z Gen.37.iI. As 7. 9. y Efay a Deut.3.16. a Zach.i.i 5. Croífe.Andworthily did Judas receiue qfitranglingand the fheading forthof his bowels, as therewardof his iniquitie,for beingguide to thofe that apprehended Iefti.They doing it to a wicked end,& after a tinfoil manner, not as an a&ofIu- flice,but of treafon and rebellion againíl God, out ofthe rnalicioufnesof theircorrupt natures. And that which is faid ofthis,may by the judicious Readerbe eaíly fitted, and applyed to the examples following.So it was a fingu- lar workeofmercy,to fend Iofcph into the landof Egypt, to be a father to his fathers houle, at that time the onely yifible Church ofGod , r to preuide thingsfor theirfuße nance,to keepe them aliue,bya ',nightie delisrerance : f So did God thinks itfor good, t epreferue aline a number ofpeople : yet this is no excufc to the brethrenofZofeph, who thought r itfor ill againfi him, moued thereto through extteme u ha- tred and z enuie. The Lord, in fo many croffesand affli- &}ions as he layeth vpon his Church,hath a gracious end, 7 moderately tocorretl them, and in rneafnre; not for their hurt , z but that be may doe goodveto them in theend. But a with an exceeding wrath, faith he, am 1 wrothagainfi thofe Nations, who when I am angrie but a little, helps forwards veto mill (that is) aggrauate the affli &ion of his people with all their might and maine,doing it with areuenging b E.,ech.15 .t , mind, b vauntingofthe defolationof god: people, andone) 5. &a5 °3° fitting before their eyes ruble and de/fruílron. As notably is fet forth in that proud Kingof Affyiia,Efay 104,6,7.Wo to e4fbur, the rod ofmywrath : althoughmyfigf .e of indig- nationbe in their hand , andfending him againfi anhypocrite l ation, I giste him commandement againfi the people with whom 1 am wroth, that he might take the prey, aidjoile the fpoile , and make him to bee troddendoraneas the clay ofthe flreets.Bwt he dothnotfo imagiee,neitherBathhis heart thinkp fo,but to defiroy after hisowne minde,cfc. to cut off not afew Nations. And the like doth the fame c Prophet, in the Pcrfon of God , vpbraide vnto the Babylonians ; I was wrothwith my People, I propbanedwine inheritance, and game Elap47.6,7!