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C il A P. er. Of fProuidence_J. 107 BelkIon; there fhe continued, and there, as by the Storie wee may gather, Thee meant to bee deliuered. Her time drawingneere that íhee was cuen readie to lye downe, there commeth an Edi&from the Emperour flieflua (minding onely his owne glcrie, and the increafc of bis Trcafures) that all the World fhould be taxed,euery one in their owne Citie : fo as Marybeingof the Houle and Lineageof DaHid , was inforced againa her will to re- paire vistoBethlehem,there to be taxed with herkindred, intending nothing leffe then that w1-,Lh fell out after- wards; for it is exprcflynoted, that Thee went with ano- ther minds, to obey the Edi& ofCefsr :but contrarie to her purpofe, God fulfilled his, by leading her, as it were blind-fold, to the place where Chrifi fhould bee borne. And fo His couufell tooke cffeei, where all counfell of mandid fails._ As for thole places which feeme to creffe this Do- trine of Gods free and abfolute working, ánd to carrie a Phew, as if bee were foinetimcs kindredof his Crea- tures from doing his owne will; as, dsill x not the death sf es finer; and, How Y oft would Ihauegatheredyou toge- &her, andyou wouldnet ? The 2 Pharifet and Lawyer' made void the cow:fell of God towards them, &c. They onely teach what God is pleafed with, and whereunto he inni,' teth and calleth all men,not what hepurpofeth to werke in euery one by his grace and holy Spirit, Fourthly The bruite beads and vnreafonable Crea- tures ferue to doe his pleafttre : he floppeth the mouth of the a Lyons when theprey is in their teeth , maketh the filly and weake Grafhoppers to bee atrong b Nation 4 ?nightie e people, and 2.o a buge d Armie,when they come to performe his Iudgements :. Fiftly, Heauen and Earth, theSea and allthat therein is, are at his becke ; the e Windes., the Showres, the Stormes,Fire and Haile,Iceand Snow are as his Arrowes, to fcatter andconfine hisfoes; yea,Hell and-deiiruaion are, X Etrcß.33o7 r;. y Mat.z3.37, z Luke7.30, e 4bas'.3.30,3