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Ios 3",t9, 10,2.7,24. The firfi Booke ofDiuinitie, CRAF .4. are naked in his fight, and giue vp their dezd, whenhee calleth for them. But albeit whatfoeuer God willeth mufr molt certainly &necefiarily come topaffe, becaufe he willeth it, yet that taketh not away the frcedorneof will in the reafonableCreature ,northe nature &proper- tie ofthe fecot d caufcs, but only bends them to run that way that he hath fore-determined; they, notwirhfland- ing thisnecefltie,not beingcompelled todoe that which God determineth, but freely willing that which is done by them : So that if we referre the ac ion to Gods kill, which is the fupreme caufe of all, it may be faid neceffa- rie ; if to mans will, it may bee Paid contingent and vo- luntarie. And thereupon effe }s sod euentsof t^ings are termed fuch as the fecond caufesare neceffary:If they be ueceffarie,contingent; ifthey be contingent, voluntarie ; ifthe fecond caufes be voluntarie, although in refpeet of Gods Decree all be nccefiarie. When Kingof Babel flood in f the head or nio..;,er ofwayes, where one way parting into two made himdoubtful' which to take , either that voto ¡ernf.lern, or theother that ledvoto Rabath, a Citieof the Anomonires, it was a metre vncertain:- & contingent mattes N' Netherhe would come againfl lerufalem or not : for vvhirherioeuer the di- uination did condudl hirn,thither was he beat:and what more vncertaine then dtuinations? Tne v:'nitle whereof Philofophers thetnfelueshair wortbi iy derided. But for all that, it could not be otherwife chofen but that bee fhould take the way that led coune,and to befiege it,the Lord haul g fó ordayned and fore-fpo- ken byhisProphet. Our Sauiour Chrifl , according to his Fathers will, dyed g `Paaldifputeth to the Iewes , That it was ofneceffitie fer hisn to finer, Axel to rifefrom the dead. Andhe himfelfe ; O jee h fooles and flew ofheart, wasit motif neceftie that Chrill /hould _Infer thefe things,andenter intohitglorie ? Yet he dyed willing- ly : for foheprofeffech, i 1.Vs man taksth riy lifefrom, twee,