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CH A P.5. Thefr,F1 Con;modBrrkent. The Papif,which teach, that the hrít merions are no fin. The contrary is concupiiceoee or lull: Tat of f r (f.,ith the Apoftle ) the old noun which lecorrupted throughdeceiaea ble : whichhe there oppofeth to renewing in the fpi- rit of our mind. W lk c in the Spirit , and yet f all not Maths lufls of rbefej%:for theflefh luffeth ap4inJ1 the Spi- rit. Let t not finne rstrgne in your mortiell bodie,to obey it through the lofts thereof ; that is, of the bodie :fifing u the corruptionwhich is in theworld throughconcupifcence..Euery man ai ternpted of his owne 141. Sinne Y t4Jl;,ing oecsfon by the comooandernent, wrought in rose Rl1luf#. Of concupifcence or luft, the Apoflle loon; % noteth two degrees : Firíf, The Mooningof the powers ofna- ture out of their right and proper place , by rayfingvp wandringand wicked thoughts,whichyet we neuer like of.Secondly,the nibbling,bas it werewith force delight, at this bayte laid before vs , though prefently we repel' it : of which nature are vaine, fuddenwifhes , and euill dreames, though it bee of things which a manmifliketh when he is awake. And that all concupifcence is vnlaw.. full, euen that whereunto no confent of the will doth corne, may appeare by thefe reafons following. Firft,Becaufe the Root,fromwhence the leaft thought doth fpring, is naught, our owne inborne corruption elfe it could neuer enter into vs, farther then by Satans offering it to the fenfes andoutward obiedts,asit was to our Sauiour Chrift, and to our fir(1 parents in their inno- cencie. The finne whereof appeareth in this , that wee thinke not vpon it with a deteftation at the frfl : but when it bathonce paffed our thoughts, then we begin to deteft it ; which in the vncorrupt elate of man , fhould hauebeene quite contrarie. Secondly,lAni; doth tell vs, that lugcoaceiuing,bring_ eth forth finne. Can loft conceiue, and be with child of finne, and be any other thing then finne ?Are fifhcs bred of Serpents? or is it poiible, that the fruit and the Tree X 4 fould IIq. r Elbeff4,sto fat!.5,t6,tr, t Rom.6,tz. u t.Pet.r.4a x Iam r.14. y Z Iam. .',4 a E;e>\xol.esYot b Amta;óicttvoç