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lomx 118 The firft Backe ofDiuinitie, C13 A P. 5. b Erbcf.4.17. k Lphef.4.r9. 1 Ro»t.z.r . Theirconfciences occufsngorexcu- fits an .rim.' 5, A j°YdM.?.z. o Pfal.119yze. p 0441.z7. Rotn.7,s4. tures, whether thethings that Paul laid , were foor no, The contrarie whereof is, that which the. ApoffIe h cal- leth Amind void of judgement, and the vanitie of mindes, wherein we all naturally doe walkc et-teeming Truth, Falfhood , and Falfhood Truth ss hence it coin- meth, that we k arecarryed away with merit wind and puffeof Doéirine. With knowledge and iudgement, a good confcience mutt be ioyned,witofe propertie it is,iuftly and rightly to beare witnetfe ofour Aáions , in 1 accufingor excufing them as it ought. The contrarie whereof, is an euill con- fcience, either benumrned, or through hypocrite feared, as it were , with a hot Iron, that both it accufeth not where it fhould,and excufeth where it ought nor. To the m vnf4itbfull, there is nothing pure, but both their mindAnd confcience is polluted. For remembranceof hely things a Commandement is giuen,Xmoob.i 5.39.that the children of Ifrael fhould weare frindges vpon the edge of their garments;that feeing thefame,theymight remember ¡tithe Conemandements of I L H o V A H0016doe them.Pf l t9. i a. DAT ID profefeth ofhimfslfe : Ihid thy Werd inmy heart, that I might net finite again(# thee. And ()Wary hath her worthypraife LA! 2.5 i. for that free retorted dl the tbingr(there fpokenof) inher heArt.The contrarie at here- of,is forgetfulneffe : (My nfonne, forget not my Law, but let thy heart kjepemy Commandements. I forget °net thy Word. In the foule, firft, is the delire, comprehending all in- ward thoughts and motions that but once rife vp within vs, and come not fo farre as to haue confent vnto them ; And this delire is by nature a holy thing, The P f grit de.. filth (or lulletb) again( theflefb. Hereof principally the LawesofGod are q called fiiritraall, besaufe theybind not onely all the Creature his. intents and purpefes, but his whole force andpower, and all the thoughts and in dinations of hisheart. The