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TheChie fe Points CH A P. I X. o f shefourthCommandement. His is the mannerof Gods w'or'fhip : A holy refs is a fan&ified ofa time vetohisferuice ; which (be- tide other times as occafion (hail be offered) in a Family or for ones felfe apart , ought ordinarily tobee ir. the MorningandEueningof eueryday : for Church -mee- tings on fuch Dayes and Timesofthe day, a; may (land with the convenience oftbat Church. But ofneccffitieone whole day in feuen, is thus to be kept holy bothwith publike and pìivateexercifes : In whichnumber the duties ofbrotherly loue, as difiribu_ tint to thePoore, according to Gods blefling vpon vs, vifiting the Sicke, helping our Neighbour, or any thing that is his , in their difircffe corne alto to be reckoned when they are done, as works ofMercy. This day, in the fief} infl.itution,was thefeuenth Day from the Creation, and called the SabbathDay, begin- ningon the euening of the day before when the Crea- tion of the World was finifhed. CH A T. X, filmfecondrable oftheLaw, andofthefif; Commandement. IVuIice followeth , which is of the duties amongour flues, and is honour or the general! dutiesofLoue. Honour, is a perfoi manse of duties in refpe& of a degree. Firf}, amongvnequals, from Infétiours to their Superiours, and contrari wife As, To all Superiours in yeeres, knowledge, or howfo- euer cliè. Iteuerence, inacknowledgingthe good things <<'hercin they are prefcrred,and making our vie ofthem. Thenotes of NN hich rcrierence are,rifing vp before them. Giuing