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126 Thefirfi Booke of lÌiu.initie, CHAP. 5. Ier.z®.Ib. cie offinningwas fuck and fo audacious, that the u Pro- phet faithofthem, Godheard a crie in themorning, anda x Ier. z, as. (hooting at noone day. And I E R E MY., x When I [aid, ICeepe thy foot frombeing,and thy throte from being a thirf1thoufaidß deberatey, No :for I loneorangegods,and tier. oil,. themwill l follow. Againe,y Theyfay de fperately,wewill g oe after our ovine t houghts,andeueryone do after the fancyofour own wickedheart.And hi- ther alit belong all marker and badges of Superflition or other z &em.r s. 4. finne. But what z faith the Scripture ? I haue re- farmed to my felfe fetnen thsttfandmen , that haue not bowed the knee to a iéxod.3z.6. BA A L. The a Peoplefate downs to Bate and drinke, (before the Calfe which Aaron had made) and rofe vp to play.SoPA v L 7.Cor.8. io. reprehendeth the fitting at the Table in the Idols temple, even of them that knew , an I. doll was nothing in the World.A.nd God by his Hofb.13.z. b Prophet , threatneth ruine to thofe that kiffe the Calmat , which Zero - boam had fet vp,Reu.14. 9, Io, it is the Procla- mation of an holy An- gel , founded with a loudvoyce , Ifany man wor¡hip the Beafi, or his Image , andtake 4 mark! vpen his fore- Theirerrour,which hold it lawfull to bee preCent at Idolatrous (entice, keeping a mans Concience tohim- felfe. And where filchbeare them- Celtics bold vpon the example of Naaman the Syrian, z,I(in.5.r7,r8,let them know, that the place hath no Inchmeaning, as they would fallen vpon it, but quite the contrarie which according to the Originali, may true y be thus rcndred : For thy feruant willno moreoffer burnt offerings andfacrifices to ether gods, but to leho- uah. In this matter,Ichou:,h,b° merci- full to thyferuant, atmyLords going in- to the houfee ofRimmon,to bain donne there:andhe leaning vpon my hand,that Ialfo haue boweddown in the boufe of Rimmon : formy bowing dome in the houfcofRimmon, Iehouah, now be mercifull to thy f ruant in this matter. So crauing pardon for his Idol: trie paf}, with promife from thenceforth to ferue God alone. This Interpre- tation, the faith & pieticof Naaman truely conuerted, Luke 4.z7. the rule ofCharitie; the natureand proprie- tie of the Word being in the time pafl: , and not ( but where neceflitie inforceth) tobe taken futurely : the pronai;e whichMeehimfelfe,maketh, and the Prophets anfwer (Coe tta peace) doe f}rongly confirme.