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CHAP . 5. thefrrf Commandement. 127 fore-head , or vpon his band eachhe 'hail drínke, ofthewine ofthe rorath of God , and be tormented with fire and brim_ ftione. The c Prophet alto fetteth it forth as a fruit of true c Ejy3o:12, Repcntancc,to pollute the Images offìlucr, and the riehor- naments of the Images ofgold , and tocall them awayas a menfiruopg cloth. Hencelhalt thoufay unto it. Thirdly Out ward aF,Iions come here alfo to bee rec- koned,which theScripture commonly attributeth to the hands : a Clenfe your bands, you Sinners, &c. It is many d Iam.4.8, times called the o doing ofthe will of God: sometimes, the c FFher6.. f litiirrg acccrding to his will. The contrarie whereof, is, the conunittingof grofle fintics,. which the Apofile cal_ f z.Pet.q,a, leth,gToworks ¡he will ofthe Gentiles , h to doe the will of g r.Pet.4.;. ourfie f l > , and o f our thoughts. IA M E s i termeth it, Sinne h perfted, and that though wee doe it in ignorance, not i tam.iis knowing , or at the leaf+ , not marking it co bee a finne, which lefleneth tl.e haynoufnesof the offmce.Therefore k Paul profetfeth,he did obtayne mercy, notwithfiand- k r.Tim.i.zx ing he were a Blafphemer,a Perfccutor, & an Oppref%r, because he did it ignorantly. And Dauid prayeth, t C/enfe ernefrown myfecret fnnes. But thiskind of fume is greater, whenour will is carryed contrarie to our vnderilanding, to doe thofe thingswhich we know,and arc perfwaded to be euill,wherinnotwithflanding a difference is tci be held: for if it bec through the ouer-rulingof the flesh, and inordinate defires,cytherfor feareof prefent danger, or by thebayte of sonic false appearing pleafure, then is the finne the leife. Hereof is that complaint the Apoffle taketh vp, Rom. 7.19. 1doe not thegood 1 would, but the euíllwhich 1 would not,that 1 doe.But ifit be in a prefump.. tionof Gods Mercie, bearing our felues bold vpon the riches of his patience and forbearan ce, that doth much increafe the finne ; whereupon in the Law m it is corn - manded,that theperson that doth prefumptuoufly, Jhould be cut offfrom arraong.í has people, because he bath ellifed the W ord o f I E H o v A x, And that this wrongcontiru&ion of