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Crr A P.5. 7-hefirft Commandement. tar neffeof heart , theApofile Peter in the place before al- 1eaged,oppofeth hypocrifïe: Purifreyour hearts vnto bro.. therly loue,without hypocrifie.And Paul to the I Romanes, Ram °11.9. Let Loge be without Hypocrifie. Hypeetifie is, when the heart and inward affe6ior: is wanting either in the fer- nice of God,or in dealing withour Brethren: as our Sa- uiour loth define ic, (Matth. 15.7. hypocrites, well bath Es Ai As prophefiedofyou,faying, This people draw neere vnto meewith their lips,btst their heart is farrefommee° And of his fort is outward Abfhrnence frommeares, without anycare and confcience thereby to ferue God more feruently, or to be better frengthened againfi fin, An Teefaa not , ar` thefe times are, to haucyourvoyce to bee 'n EA, sn. heardon hieh. ¡s thisfnch afaff as Ihave chofenthat a man 4,5'6 fl'oulda ff iic` his foulefora day, and bowdowne his head like a Bscll-rn/h andyedowfee infackclothandafhes?calle thou this afafting,or anacceptableday to the Lord?isnot this the falling that I haue eh°fen,To loofe the bands ofwickednes, to take away the heauy burdens andlet theopprefedgofee, and thatyee take ofewer yoke? Soof the outwardob- feruingof theSabbath , not regarding the true pietieof the heart. Therefore n the Lord telleth the Iewes , t 3(y n Eft r 141159 foule hatethyour new Moones, andyour appointedFeasis: theyarea burden vntome: I amweary to beare thens. And when you (hallftretch out your hands , I will hide mine eyes fromyou , and though ycr2 make many Prayers, I Willnot heare : foryour hands arefull ofblond.The Propher,Pfal, 12. 3. expreffeth this Hypocrifie in flattering and de- ceitful! dealing with our Brethren , by the phrafe of a heart anda heart, that is , a double heart ( contrarie to that fingleneffe without all mixture fpoken of before when our heart in outward pretence feemeth to rutrne one way, but indeed and in truth is carried another. Our Sauiour 0 telling the Pharifes,they deuouredWiddo 'es Mat.2.3 Tjù houles, ender a f ;cvoflong Prayer,caileth it a fh,:w one- ly,without any truth or fubilanee : for fo are-truéh vind K a chew