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T3 2 The firfBacke CH A P.5 p Matth,i3. z3,v+ s ,ìlat.2.3.15 r Mat.L3.z7. f Luke 11.44. ,TkarKe 7.9 u Mat. 6.t,!33, 414' a6 x 1Mat.7.3,4. Thew oppofed, Phil.i. 8. The Notes of Hypocri1 e are fpecially thefe: Fire, To ref} in outward abferuance,, & to preffe them ,flrietly and feuertiy, lettingpaffe thofe things wherein true Pietie flandeth, woe bee i to you Scribes and Pharifes, Hypocrites : foryee tithe Mint , and Arznife,and Ciinsinin,and leant' the wairhtie matters of the Law,as ludLement,and Mercre,and Fidclitie.Thefe ought yee to haue done , and not tobane left the other ; yee 612nde auides, thatflraine out a Gnat, andfìvallow a Cr mmell Hence come thofe fpeechcs and rebukes of Chrifl, Tee n clenfe the outride or the Cup andPlatter , tat within they are fill of extortion and Ali() where bee corrmpareth r them to whited t mbes, that without appeare beautified, but within arefallofdeadmens bones , anti ofall corruption : and to c Graces, that doeNot agpeare, that men which wakevpon them are not ware of. So doe they, der a Vizzard and counterfeit face of Holinc ffe, cicake and hide the inward flthineffe that lur.keth in their hearts. And to thisplacebelongeth thepreifng ofmens Traditions, when no care is had ofkeening the Ccm-. m andements of God : Well t doeyou reie l- the Comm. wa demnentof Gad, to eflablijh your owne tradition. Secondly, Doing outward duties not with a right mind to glorifie God, or to edihe their Brethren but for outward potnpe and oflentation, and to bee frene of men: As our Sauiour fpeaketh, Mat.2,3.5, and lothpar- ticularly'inflance a elfe-where :n all theduties theyper; fortne,whether Prayer 4ndFarting vetoGod-wards, or giuing ofAlmes veto the pore, Thirdly, Being buffo toobferue other mens faults, without looking into. their ovine. Why xfecsl thou the mote that is in thy brothers eye ,and canal- nqt fee the beamte which is in thine mange? or how fayes1 thou to thybrother, Let me ?asl out themote out ofthine eye , and behvld'; -the beame is in thine own eye?Hypocrite,firf cafrz ont the6éame oast ofthine,owne eye,and thenAlit theii difcerre to asst the mote of thy brothers eye, Fourth-