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CH A .g. The fini Commandement. 137 LA[, of good andholy men , that beholding the ifftee ortheir contâerf:tion, we may follow theirfaith,as the App- file exhorteth, Ileb. 13.7. And againe, Heb.6. I2. That yet benot Baffards,butfollowers ofthem, that through faith and long fufferance inherit the promifes, i . Cor.4, I6. hee faith, 14efeechyou, be followers ofale. Wherein notwith. (landing wee mull take hecd , becaufe in the bell men much corruption is to be found, that we follow them no _n further then they follow Chri(l. The contrarie where. of is the following of euill and wicked examples : n If d haue hid try finne as ADAM , or after the rnanner ofmen, efpeciallyofthe Deuill the father of Lyes, for which our Sauiour takethvp the Iewes, lohn 8.44. Fiftly,Societie,and companie with the good : for fuel as ones companie is fuch lightly is ones telfe: /0 am." companion to all them that feare thee , and keepe thy Com-. mandements. The contrarie whereof is, firll, Leaning and lothing thecompanie of the,óood ,forfare p not your affern- tiling together, &c. Secondly, Socictie with the wicked, for which the goodKing Iehofaphat is reprooued by the Prophet, What? q thou to helpe the wicked one andto lone the haters of I E Ho vA H ? Butfor thefe things is hot dif_ pleafasre towards thecf7'orn I E H O VA H. ill r corrpanie cor- rupts goodmanners. To this purpofeSalomon in his Pro_ verbs hash many excclleist fayings, Make no ffrienarhip with an angrie man, nor companywith furious man,` le;f thou learne his wages , andget a f rare for thyfelfe. Flee that keepeth the L,aw, as. anvnderi/anding childe, but bee ibat aj[ociattth .hirzfdfe-to gluttons, lhameth his father. Where.oppo1ing companie, keeping with , ro the keeping of the Law, bee (heweth how forcible, a meánes illexample intoWade into finne. OF this kiid efpecially is the contrasting ofOur felves na marriage with the ungodly ; for which ,the fame Kí,igs forme fehordrais taxed : -Nee u walled in his wayes p f the Kings ofIfrael, its the hotsfe ofA á AB did : for A- 11.nB_S. ri I,Cor.rz.r, n lob 31 33.. oi'fl.tt963,-. p Heb>to., q `:.chro. t 9.:; r I.Cor.153;., f Pro.:x7, a; t Pro4.7. u