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y 136 Thefir Booke ofDitlinitie, CH A P.5 yEi=Y5,1a. z Amos 6.5,K. a Eccle/;z z. b Luke .7.5. c Epbiej:5.1.. d A?at..43. ¢ Luke 6<43. fLeu.t 1.44. t.iob.33. h 1.Ioti,4.17. Hcb,tz,se, k 1,Pet.2.v. J Col3f3,ro, khef;4.24, ter came meate, andant oftheirong camefweetneff'e. The comrade whereof is , fiat , the dulling of our felges by a continual) wearying of the miede and bodies without intermiilion, Secondly An exccfliue vfe of lawful) pleafures and delights, without referring;them to the right end. The Y Harpe and Viell, TimbrellandPipeandWineare in their Feafis ; but they regard not theworke of I E H o v , nei- tker confider the worke of his hands , zvho z play vpon the Pioll,as D A v ID, they inuent inFiroments ofMufike, and drinks, in Tafons ofWine , and anoynt themfelues with the chiefe of Oyntments, but are not grieuedfor the afliílionof l o S E P H , 1 aPaid ofLaughter, Thouart tread, andof ioy, What is that thou does) ? Floe b be toyou that now laugh, foryeefball waile andneue. Fourthly, Imitation of good Examples : firíl, and principally,ofGod hitìfelfe: Teeeyee followers ofGod, as belouedchildren. And to the beholdingof thisExam- ple ofGod our Sauiour doth lift vs vp , when bee faith, Tee dfhall therefore beeperfell , asyour Father which is in Beancn is perfect. Re eye mercifull, euen asyour Father is merciful). The Lord alto himfelfe taketh vs forth that Leffon, laying, Beefyee holy : for 1 am holy. And g lohn makcth it the perpetual) firife and indeuour of G DS Children : whofoearer hash this hope inhim, purifieth him- Me, as hee is alfopure. And againe , k eIfs hee is , flch alfo are we in this world ; for therefore, faith the i Apoflle, Godchailafth vsforourprofit, that wee might partake his hol:neffe. Next, is the example ofChrifl our Sauiour , -God ma- nifelled in the flefh : Fork Christ altofufBredfor vs, lea- ning veto vs aprefcript , that yeemight wake, in hisfieps. Then of the holy Angels as ourSauiour ttacheth vs to pray, Thy will be done in Earth , a's it is inReanen. Like- wife of Adam in his i tnocencie , vntowhole Image ti e Apoill:1Cucry where willeth vs to bee renewed. Laiilya