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CHAF.5. Thefrr!t Commandement. But where, will you fay , is this Dod}rineof Righte- oufneffe taught ? Firft,Nature it felfe doth teach it , in that byeurftrt} Creation,weweremade and framed to the perfection of it, and yet retain° fome notions thereof in this our cor- rupt efiate. Secondly, The Image of this Righteouínetfe being in manner quite defaced and done away by the Fall of A- dam, the fame is, by the wtercifull prouidence of G oD, for a more certaine directionof our wayes, and to hum- blevs in Peeing how fhort wee come of the performance of it, again renewed, and the fummeof all compendi- outly abridged in tenWords,Sentences or Commandc.. ments , written z by the fiugerof G o D in two Tables, E Exed3431. Thirdly , The fame arc expounded and handled more at large in the whole Volume of theScripture, where all this Doarine is fully and abfolutely taught. Of both thefe Lawes, the Law of Nature, and the written Law, the Apoftle fpeaketlh, Rom.2.14,15.For when the Gentiles which hosenet a Law, doe bynatsire the things of the Law, tbefe !sassing not a law, are a law %vnte themfelues , as theft which declare the werke of the Law written in their bears : their confcience bearing record 'unto thernfelues, and their thoughts acc,wfing or exceaj7ng them, Vic. For the vnderfhanding of thole tenCommandements, and the better to difcerne the large fpreadof Righteouf neffe which they contayne take thefe few Rules that hold in eueryone. Firil, they are vtteredby a figuratiue fpeech of a part for the whole , vnder one (and that commonly the Brea. tefi) comprehending not onely euery particular dutie, whatfoeuer may fall into the life of man, of the fame . nature with that which is there commanded or forbid- den, but the whole manner of performance , that it bee with all the powers of ones miracle , foule and bodie ; which belonging toeuery Commandement , is once for all explayned in the definition I' gane of Righteoufnefle. L Se- 145