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Cri AF. 5. Thefirii Commandement. j47 z--,-.- mandement)tlaat therefore he meancth a particular Corn- mandement , oneofthe tenne : for the Lawmay as well bee faid to fay, ThenAalt.not Iuft, becaufe in the generall do&rine thereof it forbiddeth all kind of luf+ , as in the likecafe the fame Apofi.le d writeth, That Clodfaith in the Scripture, Arife, thou thatfleepeff,andCbri i JewelThine vit thee. Whichnotwithftanding, arc not the precife words of any one place of Scripture, but the generall fumure and Do&}rine of the Gofpel. The name altoof C'omniandement,comprehending the fcope and fubflance of many Commandements , you haue fo vfed,i.dobnz, 7,8. And albeit Paul, Rom, t 3.9 do aptly and truly render the meaningof the tenth Com mandement by the fame verie words which heere bee vfeth , that hindereth not , but that in this place it may haue another fenfe, the word fulling indifferently for e cosseting, or, and the diuerfiiie of theArgu- ment inforcing a diners interpretation of thefe two places. The Tenne Commandements , which fummarilycon_ taine the whole Doetrine ofRighteoufneffe, whatioeuer the Law or Prophets fpeake of, our Sauiour Chritl in his infinite wifedome bath contriued into two : The loue of God, and ofour Brethren : When vnte the Lawyer, af- king hire, which is the great Commandement in the Law, hee anfcvereth E Thou /halt loue the Lord thy God withall thy heart , andwith all tby foule, and with all thy might. This is theftrf al.djreat Commandement andthe limed is likewoe it : Thou ¡halt loua thy neighbour As thy felfe: en thefe two Commandements hang the wholeLaw and the Prophets. PAN, L vfeth theverie ternies of Pietie and Iutlice,Rorn. r. i8. For the wrath of god is manifeßfrom 6heauanagairrf all irapietie,andiniuflice of men. So he faith, Tit.z.t a.that the Grace of Grad manifetted by theGot:. pcl, inflru6 eth vs,that see Jhould line foberly, and andgodly in thisprelims world. Where, before Iutiice and L a Pietie; al Epbaf:q:i4. e Sois iarrL- /2 1 taken, Luke 12,.15'. Matth.zz. 7. and; fora longing and carnes} defire. The doing whereof, is tearmed Rigli- teouinefle, and bath two p 'rrs, Picnic, and Iuftice. f Matto zz.37.