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handled in thin Dooke. bath infiituted , for a Remedie againfir Vncleane- sieffe. The twopreferuatiuesofChaflitie, are Modeflie and Temperance. Modestie , whichkeepeth a comely Shamefafine& in Wards, Countenance , Ceflure, Apparrell, and other things. Temperance, which is a moderate and lober vfe of lawful! Pleafures, efpecially in Meats andDrinkes, and in the vfe of Marriage. CHAP. XIII. of:heeighth Commandment. that 'refpe& the good thngs belonging to THofe the Perlon, are Vprightnefe, and Contenteelutffe; Vprightneffe, is tohold a lawful! courfe indealingabout them: and 4landeth in Right, and Truth. Right, which is in dealing iuilly. Both for the meanes ofcomming by them ,shat it beby lawful! Purchafe , or Defcent.: and in-the vfe ofthem , to doe it frugally and liberally , by a cheerefull communicating of them all, both in Gluingand Lending : OneBranch whereof is 114italitie. _._... ._..... CHAP. XIIII. oftheninthCommandement. R v r H , is in dealing faithfully. As Prudence in fudgingaright ; Simplicitie, in (peaking and do- ing the Truth ; Charitie , to take things in the bell part, &c. CHAS'.