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The Chiefe Paints CHAP. XV. of the tenthCommandement. His is VprPubneffe: Contentedneffe ,is to ref+ fully fatisñed with that whichGod befloweth ; rcioy- cing in anothers good, as inour owne : which is the top and perfection of Lowe. CHAP. XVI. of theCovenant ofWorkes. V VIth the Creatures, who are thus to doe his Will , it bath pleated G o i tomake a Cone_ nant, which is called the Couenant ofWorkes : ACo- uenant ofLife, to the Doers; of Death , vnto Tranf greffors : Both more, or lcffe, as theRighteoufneffe or Sinneabounded]. Life, is a continual) Progreffe in Holineffe and Hap- pineffe. Death is a Sinnefull and CurfedEaate. Sinneft ll, in Darkneffe, and a totali corruption of the whole firength of Nature, vnto all vnrìghteouf- neffe. Curtd , in the Wrath ofGod and all the euill that commethof ir, contrary to the former, Coniunctionand Communion with him. .00.0.. CHAP. XVII. of the FallofAsgels. PT1His Couenant, both e4melr and c/tilen (inour fir[i Parents, dam and L'ue) kept for a time but left uoto themfelues, they quickly fell away. Fir14n.