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e C ra ñ P . 6. ThefecondCommandement. CHAP. VI. Of the feeand .Commandement. The Papifts f#rilie' out this whole fe- cund Commande- ment moft facrile- gioufly. 159 He fumme of the fecond Commandement , is , That we worfhip God, as Flee himfelte bath commanded : a Every thing which I command, shat /Flagyoukeepanddoe; Thou /halt not adde vnto it,nei- ther (halt then tags from it. b Therefore, faith the good KingE zE CHI AH,did IEHOV AH our God make breach amongvs at thefirfl , becaufe weefought him not ac- cording to appointment. Whatfoeater Ifay untoyou , yen (hall ,eepe. Herein it differeth from the former Commandement, That commanded the worship ofGod which is natural This, the woifhìp whatfocuer t he fame be, which is by diuine Ordinance and Inflitutlon. To doe whatfoeuer God connmandeth, is called Obedience : A Vertue, as Samuel faith, LSam.T5.22,23. better then Sacrifice, and wherewith the Lord is more delighted, then with burnt Offerings. Aud, that Obedience is the fummeof the fe- cond Commandement , may appeare by the oppofition theremade of them, that loue g,i andkpepe his Common- dements, to there words , Thou shalt not mak..e anygrantor Image. As therefore in the firfa Commandement,the worfhip of falfe gods was forbidden : fo here is forbidden all falfeworship ofthe true God , which the words plainly {hew, forbidding to make any carued Images to our fillies, or tobow downe and worfhip the things which fowe make. Now, there is none fo foolifh,that iudgeth the worke of his owne hands to bee indeed and truely God, or that w®rfhippeth the very things that himfelfe bath a Deut, ta.3 z, t.chro,i5.e3 c Etod.23.13, To the wer ; p ofGod, two thingsdoe be long ; a holy manner ofwoe fhAping God, andaholyrefi: Themanner, flandeih inobe- dienceandRene. rence. Obedience,is the Ivorfhipping of him according to bis Common. dement.