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15g The frrft Booke ofDiuinitie, CHAP .5. Apiece Talfo of this feruice when iufloc- cafion requi- reth)is Swea- ring and Cur.. fingbyhis Name,making our Vowesvn- tohim, and by Lottetic to commit into hishands, the fucceffe of our doubtfull affaires. u. Prots.16.33 y IEY.I2.16. r, iéttaos 8.14. Ofthe nature ofPrayer, when the ncceffities of thi s life require,are,Swearingand Curlingby his Name, as a witneffe of the truth , and a Reuenger oc all Lyes, ma- king`our Vowes vnto him, and by Lotterie tecommit in- to his hands the fucceffe of our doubtful affaires. Othes and Curfes are both ioyned together, entred into doecisrfe,and into the othe, towalke in Gods Law, which was given by M O S E S , tic. Swearing is exprefly commanded , as a part of Gods w;:rfhip , Deist. 6.13. Thoufhalt ferre I E H o V A H thy God, and feruehim, and /haltfweare by his Name. The nature of it the Apofile {hewed), 2. Cor. I. 23. Now 1 call God to record againff mineownefoule,that toBars yon , I came not asyet to Corinthue. Of Vowes the Pfal- miffi fpeaketh, Pfa1. So. T 4. Offer veto Godpraife, andpay thyVowel vista themoll High. AndofLots,Salamon in the Prouerbs, The tt lot IS caf into the lap, but the whole di f oft_ tien thereofas f r o m I E H o V A H. The contrarie hereof areblafphemous and fuperflitious Othes,Vowes, &c.when we fweareby them which are no gods, or by Idols, as by the Maffe, our Ladie, &c. Now x Ad Iflare theefor this ?Thyformes hasteforfakers mee , andfworne by them which are no Gods : They 7 taught my people to fweare by BAA L. They Z that fweare by thefinne of Samaria, and ray, As thi god, O D A N , liueth, and air the god of the way of Beerfhebab li nab, men theyJhal1 fall, and(ballnot rife any more. The Papilla allow thefe bl3phemous Other. CH A P.