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'1 CH A P.6. The thirdCommandement. 161 the oppoficiou there fheweth. Wherefore the Appofile in the Catalogue of offences worthi'y g,ueth the first place hereunto : They i turned the gloryof the incorruptible God i ¿ottz.r.t3. into thefimilitae'e of the Imageof a corruptible man, and of Birds an;i of foorefooted Beau, and of creeping things. This was the (inne of the Ifraelites in the'Ailderncffe for they worfhipped nog the Calle; as the Papilts,to co. lour theirowne Idolatr'e, doe affirme, but God in the Calte; fo thetnfelues proclayme k To morrow /hall bee k Eved.32,4. the Holy-dayof I EH o V A H: Let vsmak,e aFeafl tomor- rawto I E H O V A H. And the PfalmifiF beateth 1 wit I Pfal.roó,:o, neffe , They turned their glorie into the frame of an Oxe that eateth graffe. And yet this Calf,: made to worfhip God in the forme thereof, Stephen,calleth ate Idoll, / t 7.41. Thefe twokindesbowing downe to Moloch , to ferue and worfhip him, and woríhtpping the true G o D in the bowing done to Moloch, are plainely diftingui- fhed, Zephaniah r.5, and Iudgetnents there pronounced againft both forts offi_tch worfhippers : for it is certaine, thv.t Idols and Images are fo farce from being , as they feeme m glaffes and reprcfentations to make men fee m eacoAce. God the cleerer, that contrari wife theydaleanddaubs vp mens ryesfromfeeing, and their hearts from vnder1fanding. As the Prophet in plaine words fpeaketh , 41;7,44.18. teaching nothing indeed but vanirie and lyes. Their moi.. ten" Images are winde, and emptineffe, or confuJon. What n EÎs14r.a9. o propel the carried Image, when theframer thereof bath o Habak..z.18, canoed it amolten Image, and a teacherof lyes ? But P to- q Ier,Io.8, gether (both Iewes and Gentiles iumping in the fame Idolatry) they arebrutifband become Foolrs, for theflock" (or wood, that is to fay, the Image madeof wood) is a do,lrineof vanities. And againe , Eseery q man is not fa q Verfe r4,15, brut fhtbat beknoweth not that emery Founder is ¡teamed by the carued Image r for his molten Image is butfa/hood and there is no breath in them : theyare vanitie, and tlse warke oferreurs, what time theft' men (their worfhippers) are vi.: M fitcd