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TheChiefePointa TheWord of Chrift, is°hispublifhiogof the Coue- atantof Grace : Whichof the Old Teflament, was cal- led the Promife;ofthe-New, is called theGofpel. CHAP P. V. o f theoutn'ardChurch. Is Church is the outward Church, or the Chùrch ofGods Ele& OutwardOs of thole that profefc, to belecue in Hirn. Seuerall Companies , that afíemble for theExercifes of theWord , are fo many Churches and Members of the-Whole: And in euery ofthefe, God bath alwayes forme that are His indeed. Th:ir Childrenalfo are oftheChurch. Vpon theoutward-Church Chrifl befloweth Gifts, both for theChurches commongood, and for a Mans owne private. For the commongood, are firfl things committed to theChurches keeping; then, Minifleries andGraces. The things có'mrnitted, are his Word ( whereof wee haue fpoken ) to be preached, Sacraments to beadmini- flred, and other holyThings. Preaching , is an infruelien of theChurch by liuely Voice in the Wordof Chrifl ; and that byDo&rine,or Exhortation. :Dotrine, in laying forth theTruth, and confutingof contrarie Errors. Exhortation,to apply it allo to all good vies; of-com- forting, denouncing, furring vp, reproouing. A Sacrament is a fgne and Peale of the Couenant, either for our entrance , or continuance in the Coue- nant The