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handledin this Backe. Body ioyned together) he afcend'ed into Hcaucn the fortieth dayafter his Refurreolion and there fitted: at the right hand ofGod; that it to fay, inioyeth all Soue_ raign tie, Power, and Glorie. Hitherto of Oblation. Interceon is the continual' prefentingof his Merits to God his Father, on the be halfe of thofe Elea. CITAr.III. o fChrisGovernment o_ f the World: ingencrall. SVch is the Priesthood of Chrïf#; his Kingdose foi. loweth. Kingdome , is in the things which lace loth fromGod for thofe Elea. TheKingdome ofChriflbath twoparts :One,where- by bee goucrneth all the World according to their owne Nature, fince the Fall. In the Angels , perfects in Deuils , and Men , corrupted ; in the tea of the World, perucrtcd. CHAP. III I. oftheProphetical!office ofChrjli And ofhis Word. lHe other, which is vnto his Church; a Companie of Men, culled out of the World. This latter part contaynethhisProphetical( Office , and that which the Scripture, by excellencie, termeth the Kingdorne. Prophetical! Office , whereby hee bath a Church vnto himfelfe , by his Word and the Power of his Spirit, The