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handledrn this 1r3ooke. which is giuen for low : Doe this in remembrance of mee. Far the Cup , Drinkeye all of this ; for this is ny Blondoft NewTeflament, which is/bedfor many , for theremranoffinnes : Doe this as oft itsleAddrinke it, in remembrance ofmee. The Mtuifiers of the New Teflament , were Apo_ (Iles (infpired) (byw,o!e Miniflerie were written the Booties of the NewTefiarneoc) Prophets, Euangelins, Paf}ors, Teachers, &c. CHAP. VIII. of the Church of Gods Elea. THus farce of the outward Church. The other is the Churchof Gods Elea, drawne to bekcue in Chria , ordinarily , by Preaching : VóTherefere with thefe , God maketh indeed his Couenanr. By venue whereof, our Faith, albeit apprehendingChrif1 abfent, it apprehend Him weakrly ; yet confirmed by the Word, and Sacraments, Prayer, and other holymeares, it neuer lettethgoe the Hold, but continually groweth, till we come to lee ChrifiI in his glaiy : So as Faith bath alwwayes Hope , that is, an antedwaiting for of that beffed Sight, going with it. CHAP. IX. Of Regeneration. HIthertoof Chriffs Prophetical; Office. The King- dome ( by Pxceilencie to termed) is that. whereby denroyil;g the OldMan by tht Powtr of las Death -.nd A 2 Suf;t.