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TheChiefe Points Sufferings, all that areofthe Church ofGods Elea, Mc doth regenerate, by the Power ofhis Refurre6fion. The Day of his Rifing, which was the 6rfi Day of the Creation , is ( for an euerlaf ing Remembrance of that Benefit) come in place of the Sabbath, and called the Lot ds Day; beginning when he arofe, and began to renew the World. Regeneration, is our fpirittaall incorporating into Chritt, euery Member in his dueproportion; whereby being one with him, through him with God , and lais Spirit ours, we become Gods children by adoption. Of a regenerate e(iate there be two Degrees, as it were twoAges, Infancie, andMans egate. Infancie, which is during this Life, by Faith and therefore by meanes of the Word , and imperfectly felled vp in our owne inward affurance of theSpirit, not in the Worlds difcerning of it; and growing ac- cording as our Faithdoth grow: And this is called the StateorKingdome of Grace. Mans eJlate, which is after this Life, by Sight, and therefore immediatly by Chri(is Spirit, and in all Per- feertion: And that is called the State or Kingdotne of Glorie. CHAP. X. ofwifedome,Righteeafiref fe, S4rn Iifreatio,,, andRedemption. THe Spirit of"Chriftbeing ours , confequentlydoth faue vs, from our finfull and curled elate to enjoy 011 the Good that is inhim. It flandeth in Illumination, and Ius4?f/cation, and from thtnce comming) Sewilification, and Redena- tion. Illxli- .