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The Chiefi Points, °c, Fourthly, in a Spirituali Glorie and Wifedome, and other Graces. After this Life, commeth the fslneffeof Bleffednefl'e, more or Icfie, according to the diuers meafure of our Faith here. To the Soule in Heauen , prefently after Death , till the LatterDay : At what time our Bodies being rayfed vp glorious , the whole Man (hall meete CHRIST comming to Iudgcment in the Ayre, and there receiueSentence of all fulnclfe of Bleffednetfe for suer : Whichwe {hall inioy; taken vp into Heauenby theverrue of his Alcenfion. CertaineMen , vpon our Sauiour Cx it; s T s Fier furre&ion., roleagainc, and are alreadie with him in Heauen, Soare Enoch and Elias both aliue, affumed thither. Thole that are liuing at the Latter Day,(hallfuddcnó ly be changed, after the dead are once riten. The Creatures alto, for our fake , (hall then be re- newed into a Glorious eftate , not fubied to Cora zuption. ..-...., A ...w. - k+a.i ®-;Ä_ -+