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handled in this booke, Illumi'nartan, Whereby expelling Darkencffe, hedoth i,nli;hten our Minds with the Knowledge of the Will ofCod in Chrifl ; which the Apoftle calleth Wit-dome. ít/ti(cative, Whereby forgiving our finnes , by his taking themvpon him, he . doth account the Halineffe of' his Nature and Righteoufteffe to be ours. From whence (as X laid) come Sanc`lification, and Redemption. Sanffi catian,Whereby flaying Sinne, he putteth a new Life. of Holinefle into vs , to bring forth fruits of Righteoufneffe. Wherein there is no more now re- Tired , but that Sinne beate not the rule in vs : and our Werkes of Righteoufneffe, though all mingled with fiinne, are not onelypleating vnto god, through his forgiueneffe of the finne; but bite befide, ofGods free goodueffe , looking upon them in the perfeó ion of his Sonne , fpeeiall Promilès of Reward made vnto them, both in this Life, and in the Life to come. - Redemption,Whereby freeing vs,from the Cut fe,hi-m- felfe becontming a Curie for vs,he maketh vs bleffed;bk. the participation of his Bleffedneffe. Our BleiTedneffe in this ellate flandeth, Firfi, in the Loue ofGod anew : Whereby all things, not the Calamities and Troubles of this Life, and alto Death it fare, but euen our very finnes turne vnto our good ; and in the affurance whereof, wee haue Peace of Confcience, and Ioy in the HolyGhoft. Secondly, in that wee are made neere vnto him and haue continuall acceffe, with boldneffe, into his Pre_ fence. Thirdly, in our former Seueraigntie and Power ouer the Creatures ; whereof commeth free libertie of vfing them all, and deliverance from the Bondage of Satan. This alfo as a noble acceffe added thereunto , that the holy Angels therm:elves are made mir,ifiers for our good. A 3 Fourthly, ;