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Petition. The Contents. . CHAP. IIII. OfGodsPri idence,exttndin<toallPerfonsand Zaions. Si. His fr e and ab¡ luee D fjren(aton. 94 The ineui. able neceffe:e ofthe exccuticn ofLis Counfels. Ica The end bothofCreation ,:nd Prouide ,-ce. 1o,) CH A P. V. Ofthebona:, due toGod, That his Will bedone. It Of theMardi Law, that teacheth toe Will ofGod , or theDuties tree owe veto bim. It 4 Fiue things ro cb the Lawof God generally re trireth , or whichare to concat re in euery'Dutic : I. 2 e doe all that is commanded. 114 2. To doewhatfeuerwe doe ,a4- twoGod. 114 3. That there bean Integritie, or right frameand dif'o/tirnofall the powers ofNature, both ofthe SeuleandBodie. 115 4. To doe it with the whole flrengthof thefe Powers, Sinceritie,Zeale, WatchfulnejJ'e, Diligence, andPerfeuerance. 128 S. To doe emery thing with fo much the greaterflrength, as the Dutie doth more excel'. 139 Thepropertiesof the MoritaLaw. 143 Rulesfor the vederfizndiugo f the Ten commandements. 145 The firfl Commandement. Of Luse, Retce'ence, Feare , Beleefe, Trufi, and Hope in God. OfPatience and Humilitie. Of Prayer, and other Seruces. 148 CHAP. VI. The (second Commandement. To worfhip God as bee bath appointed. Of Willwarfhip, Idolatrie, Superflition, &c. 159 CHAP. VII. The third Commandement. Of Reuerente inGodstvoyfhip, rrapara- tion, Attention, Meditation. Of Fafl.;71, and ofa holyFeafl. 16z CHAP. VIII. Thefourth Commandement. O ff t times inGodsSerdce, s 68 Of the Sabbath day. TheDutiesit requ reth,the day for it in the frfl` inflitution, theMoralite. 169 CHAP. IX. The fafaCommandement. 0fDuties to MagiAates,Mi0ers, Parrents, .Maflers , Husbands : andfrom them opine. 17 OfDuties to Equa!s. 186 The.due refpeli wee are to haue to our feltte3. ` 187. CHAP. X. The. AtCommandement. Of the Duties afMercie. 183 Of teelnes, Gentlencs,apeaceab!eds7?ofaton,puttingvpofw'rongs.191 Oft(indneire, : Pittyingand helping our Neigt>bour in Dijireffe, forgiuing Of {fences, ouercotnmingE;tïuwithGood. 194 CHAP.