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The Contents. CHAP. XI. Thefeuenth"Commandement. OfchaJiitie, ofholy Marriage,r ecefl,and Polygamie. ofcontraCls,ofMatrimonie,ofVncleanneffe,Buggerie,Adul- terie, Fornication, Rape. OfModeftie andTemperance. 298 CHAP. XII. The eight Commandement. Of luft dealing,and the contrary ;Theft, OppreJon, Extertion,Vfurie, &c. 207 0fFrugalitie, Lberalitie, H fütalitie. 210 CHAP. XIII. The ninth commandement. OfPrudence, a righteous Sentence, Slam; Bering, Hearing fraies ,FlatteringandDiffembling. 222 . OfDeceit inBargayning, Buying andSelling, remouing, Bounds, f aredu lent with,holdingofGoods, Gaming, andotheronlan.full Trades. 224 Oftaking7 hingsin thebefipart, and the contraries,euillSe litons, and frnifler cenfures. 228 CHAP. XIIII. The tenth Commandement. Of 'Couetoufne,f , Selfe-loue, Enuiei. .arc. CHAP. XV.. O f theCouenant ofworkes. OfLifeanddeath. CHAP. XVI. Ofthe FallofAngels andMen. The reafonoftheir Fall.The timewhen they fell. 227 Special' to the Fall ofAngels. 7 heir.Sinnewhat it trac. The number that fell. Their CataneandRing-leader. 228 01 tree Dcui.'s Damnation in Hell.. The 7telea[e whichGodcloth [ome- timesgiue !hem ,and w!y. Of theirfull damnationin thelatter Days' Of theeleaAnges, thatdidnot fall. CHAP. XVII.. Speciall to the Fall ofMan. TheirSinne what it leas. TheActors that had a hand in it. 2.33 InAdam andEue, allMankinddidfall. 236 0fte'e torall CorruptionofMansNature. 237 O/ tI eCurfts ofthuLife. 243 0/the RemnantsofGods Image 243 Of theimlayre of thecreature.. 212, Of Mans Damnation. 252. 0ftheAbolitionoftbt Creature:. s 241 22L 2;0 2,32. 2,32, The Cournanx ofWorkes fer- uing (in this OUT corrupt e_ (late) not to iufife, but vs vitro Chriit.