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The Contents. tobe mingleddfgoodandbad. Thepriuiledgeofthe outwardChurch , and ofeuery ofemfter thereof. 348 Ofthe Sacraments. ;60 OfMinif ries. Preachingofthe !Ford : PublikePrayer : Adm.inioration ofthe Sacraments. ;66 O f the dimifierieofMen irlired : of a liuelyyo:ce : or the Scriptures : the trutb,holinfe, ruthoritie; perfetlionofthefame: andofMiracles. ;88 OfGracesfrrthedifcbarge o/ publke t uníícons. 377 Of knowledge. Ofa Talle of thefh+eetneffe ofcbr.ft : andoffane againfi theHoly- Ghoí1. 39 CHAP. V. Ofthe Churchvnder the Law. 387 O the Church in the time cfthe Gó.liell: of the Sacraments of the Nero Teflanent,, aptifine,and the Lords.supper. 391 C H A P. VI. Of't'.e chopehofGods .lefl. 3,94 OfFaih : The nature ofit : the pe Mons to whom it is appropriate : the- sautesprinci'a'; and 77. flrumentall : the drerogatiueof theFaithfull: the weakenf and c reesof it: the growth: that ât tteuercan be loti. the fruit and44 '1 it. 401 O fHope. 418, OfSight., 417 CHAP. VIL Ofa n6s17,01 . 419 Of the alteration of the Sabbath : for theDay, Name ,Timeof be.. ginning. 4z 5 Of&generation. of cbri,R the Head, and our vn'on with him: of the Surit of Adoption ? the lnfancie of Regeneration, and Mans e- pate. 417 CI-1-AP. VIII. Of Salnatiott. of remoouing the l/ayle ofIgnorance : ofryNome. Of fo liuenetfe :; . Signes: Imputationof 7tágbteoufneffey lufiij%ation. Ofmbrti icct on,andSallsfcation Ofimperpea Si 'Ttlificati on, and the degrees thereof Of the notes undmarkes cfSa,,naifecaiion. Of the Lwds Prayer. Of the Cbu'ch Militant Thy enemies wee fight aping : the two Ge- nerals of the Field the we.?Gons which both the enemies and wee fight »itball : the &o. le or Niajirie wee fight for : The ¡Pe of the can- OfRepentance. The Noies, or Signes: theFruit , axd whence wee baue tt. 4. Petition.. 5. Petition. z. Branchof tilt .6. Petition.; of: