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Chrill,theend of the Law, whom the 3. la Petitions doe refpcEt etWeastMtstdiel$Wit:WA» THE CONTENTS OF THE Second Booke, CHAP. I. O F rbrifi, the end of the Law. Hcs Godhead , Humane Nature, the Vino;. of t.'trn it4io one I;etfon. and why all tbu was ne- cc0ár e. Fol.: 7 Of Chers Office4Media' 'on. ofhis Appointment and Call ng tf>ere- unto, tvl:en it began. 1ha' x. b. lo'tgetb towhole Chi to , and isaporo; riate unto himfor whom lice rake.h hsediation, and Iowan ais Meditation lyeth 2.78 ofGodsCouertnnt,the Endand Fmit : The is ttbß.:nce or Foundation . The Meades, cr Conrtt:oa The extea (2/the co,renant. /8; The e.ce11enceof thet.eurenantof Csraceabo,.e theCouwantofworkes. ofthe old and the Nero : ell meat. 30T OfPredeflination,b t)rLezi^nandNe^rohat'on. 283 Of the word!, tau pof ,P; e 'Vf narion,?t e¡c:ence, or Fore-know& :d;,e. Of thenumber of (ode Elea : the eau é, theftborainate :oteancs, the Eternitie and lmmutab;.i: te the cnaof Godspredeflinate D.-creel. CHAP.11. Of the Priefihoodcf Ck:r,jtl. tais Catl:ng thereunto. The eternitie ofit. Bee our onelr Pxeft. 311 Of the ranéiifrcatirnofLhrif s humane Nature. Sts OfChrifis righ!eoufnerfe or obedience. 314 Of his cufferi:gs. In what uture,atdwhat things befu4red. 31% OfSatufetaton How it uas, andrrbtx: Thefruit ofit. 3' 5 of thrillsRefurreä. on, Afcenf'on, Glorification. 326 Of his ¿ntercdion 33 Ci:IAP.III. . of the hjngdome of cbrst. sits caliexg, andiruf ngintn it the fruit of bis gouernment ofti eworld ingenerall. The lsrgenefof bit Pow r the gttalit cofAdminif1Nat. on : Ibefin tof ir. 334 CHAP. 1111. 'OfCI rigs Prophet'calloftce. 343 of bis Word. The áuchor, to Natter, theM.nfcr;áI1I4rdm"nrs: the,perfeflion of his DoU,ire. 34 S of the Prattle, and the Goffteil 147 Of the outward eburcir. Tbe Condetionofit ate bee !aka toerreur, ta