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CHAP.I. Concerntng G o0 13 teacheth vs to behold in the ordinarie and daily courfe of things. He m4 etb the Sunne to rife on the euill and the good,and raigneth on the Tuff and the vniuff, Truth is the faithfuls performance of w-hatfoeuer hee fpeaketh, whether he promife good,Qr threaten euill. vertue,then thewhich,none can more befeeme the God- head:for as the Deuill is a liar from the beginning, and the fatherof lyes;fo is God the Author of all Truth,yea, Truth it felfe, and true for cuermore : Truc in his words & promifes,without fubtilty or guile,true in the accom- plifhment and performance,without colouringor deceit. He fpeakcth,and it is;promifeth,and it commeth to pail'e; threatneth, and it taketh effe&. a I will not alter (faith the Lord) that which is proceededout ofmy lips , norfallrfie ry2y faith.b Nay,he cannot 17e, becas:fe he e cannot deny.himfelfe. So naturali it is veto himfelfe to be Truth it felfe.There- fore he is called, The Godof Truth, The e GodofAmen. What is that elfe,but fuck a God, as is alwayes one,and the fame,true in hiswords,firme in his protnifes,certaine in his performance?Whereupon the f Apofile cryeth out, Let God be true, andall men liars. Theother couple are s Iuflice and Mercie, flowing from the former ; both fpecially feene in the fauing or dcaroying ofmen and Angels,Pfa1.I 16.5. I E H OVAH if gracious andiu'f;andour God tic merciful?, Pfal.14. S -7 8. Themetnoriall of thine abundantgoednelfe they fhall pore out ,and thy fnJlice they¡hall ling, that I Eta o V Ala isgra- cious andmercifull,&c. IutIice is that wherby he rendreth to euery oneaccor- ding to his workes :forelfe, h as the Apofile reafoneth,lf there werevnrighteoufneswithCod,howcould Godiudge the World?Therefore as a molt righteous lodge, he feuere- ly punifheth the workersofiniquitie,and gracioufly re- compcnceth thofe that feare him, with that free reward which he bath promifed. So faith i Peter.That witheut re- ffell ofperforashe iudgeth tuerie one according to laie worker. Andk I ER E M v,The Lord that recor penceth,/ballfurely ze- Truth; faith. fully to per- formewhat- foeuer hee (peaketh. z Iobtt 8. 490 a Pfa;89.3h b Titus i.z. c t.Tim.2.13o d Pfal, 3 e EfQY55.z6o. f Rom.3.4. The other couple are Nike and Mercie,flow ing from the former. g Iuflice to ren® der to eucrie one his due. h Rom.3.6. I.Pet.,I.7. k ier,5r.,3-0,