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CHAP.I. concerntng G o n . 5 cie makes that there is no place for mercie, he punifhetb, as it were, vnwillingiy, and u againft his heart a delightissg u Lam.3.33, This is the i28 no mans deilrbdtiOn, sear takingpleatfisre in the death of a X Evch,1 &.z3; Sinner, but rather that hee may return from his voles and olineífe of lime :for I fpeake not yet of that which if, peculiar tohis God, and his Church and chofen Children, towardes whorn his Loue righteouCncile doth without all comparifon infinitely excell : but what- cotnming foeuer commeth that way to vs from the fauour of God Blefièdncífe is reconciled in his Soune,is to be handled in another place. his all-fuffici- The Blcffedneffe ofGod, is his al-fufliciencie ofthings encyof things that make one happy, wanting nothing that is good, ha- that make one uingnothing that is euill : for Y he is light,anddarkeneffe happy., in him there is none at all. y r.lobn It flandcth in three z things , A. which our Sauiour in nandeth nKidfndome the conclufon oft he Lords Prayer attributethunto God, and Powcr,or to magnifie and fet forth his moll abfolute and perfea Glory. bleffedneffe. Kingdorne, is hisfoueraign- Firi? Kingdome , which is his foueraignty of cam,- tyofcomman- randingwhatfoeuerhe will ; a Being the King of Kings, dingwhatfoe- and Lord of Lords. ucrhe will. Secondly, Power to doe what he commands:where, if z John in the therè were nomorebut that he is called Almightie,it were Reuelation, fufficient to declare the Infinitenefl'e of his power but Reue P ; eterin bis fir1l therelacke not alto cleere and expreffe teflitnouies : As Epifile,t.Pet.q where it is Paid, b Hisgreatnejfecannot hefounded:that is, t LandS.t1.re_ none can reach thebottotne of it : And in c Lv x E , No- duceth them thing is im o tble with God that alfo ofour Sauiour Chrh} to twoxpecTOs, > > (vnder which a Withmen his is irnpofble, but with Godalithings are pffi_ they compre- ble, For hee that can worke any Miracle eyther in the bend Soue- height or in the Deepe,in Heauen aboue,or in the Earth raignty and beneath, or wherefoeuer die (as toconuinceAchas infi- Power, the rd Iì delitie,he willeth him e whichofthefe wayes he would, iwon( boricgn) .i anfy- d to aske a figue) how can any thingbe innpoffible veto dó x, glorie him,orho,A, is not his power endlei e?therefore it is pot': Power, I,Tihi6a-. fble for him , he is able to doe infinitely above that hee l leneíle to Lick doth or will doe. Mat. 3.9. 1 fayVnto yoU, God is able ofwhatfoeaer he comtnandeth, b Pfalme 145.3. c l.Kke ;.37. d hlatth. zo. 26. e E¡ay 7.11.