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Titus r.z. g a.Tim.:t.t3. h Iarrig.i.t3. i I6r.10.7. k t.Tim.G.tS 1 Pfa1.89.i4. tn Pfal.tS.32.. n E,ray 44.3- The firJt Boekeof I itui, itte, CH A P.I. theft flows to swift vp children toA B R AH A M . Marks 14.36.e/1bba Father, all things arepofble with thee. But here wee mull take heed, left afcribing in words power vnto God, wee take indeedhis true powerfrom him : as they doe, which, in fle ad of power,attribute to him things of weaknefe and infirmitie ; and in headof omnipotency s things of impotencie. Such are all chofe which are contrarie to his nature andpetfeétion : ffor he cannot lye, as the Apef}le faith,g He cannot denie himfelfe: h He cannot be temptedofetaill. i I E R E Nt is fpeakingof his mightie pourer, which maketh all Nations to floope and doe him reuerence,faith,that the fame 'Vieth inhim. Whereby he doth not obfcurely glue to vnderlland,that this is proper vetoGod,which the k Apofilemore plain ly vttereth, calling him theonely Potentate. Therefore the Pfalmill I faith , Thine is an arate withflrength : Appro- riating it to him : And ni againe, \C-,o is God, but I E- Po v A H ? and there io no Rocks but one) thou. And the Lord in E s A v,n Is there any God befides me ?Yerulj,there JAS no Rock! : I know not any. Glorycompre- Thirdly,Glorie that comprehendeth all the excellen- hended' all cies of hisNature : as, the excellen- FirP,Wifedonne and all the Graces ofthe mind,both cies of hisna- knowledge for the foundvnderflandin g of things , and AsWiCedome counfell whereby rightly to fudge of them , as the Pro_ age. other gra- phet faith,° Pehouab made the Heauens 6y vnderflanding. ces of the p Ierernie alfo in like manner, He e.ffablifbed the inhabited mind e. .® Plal.1;6.5. P Ier.51.15. q lob. 28.25. r PY011.B.I4, f Iob.1 a.i 3. t Ror91.1133, World by his Wifidome , and by his underhanding flretche out the Heartens. And I o s,'I Hefitted the ayre by waight, and ballanced the water by meafure: that is, he ordered all hiscreatures in weight and meafure moll wifely. And both thefehe not onely hath,and that in an infinite mea- fure,but the fame are alío proper and peculiar vntohim. So it. is in the Prouerbs, r Mine iscounfell, andwifedome is mine. And in I o is with him is rrfedoms,his iscounf ll and vrderfandiag.T he c Apoflle to the Romanes notably fet- teth forth the Iafínitne fe ofthemboth; O thedepehof iches the