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CHAP.I. concerning G 0D. 25 which change their counfell , or repent them of that which before they haue done,vfe the like.The fame is to be laid ofal the paf ons or affect Cions attributed toGod. Laf ofall , the Eternitie ofGodprooueth that bee is ofand fromhirnfelfe, the caufe of his owne being , and confequentlyof all good andperfeé things that be. To which purpofe , that of I A t E s z is a mots worthy fay- ing , query good andperfeff gift commeth from aboue, from theFather ofLights. Two things he teacheth vs in that fpeech ; one,that inG on- is all perfeCtion,therefore he calleth him the, Cher ofLight , which is as much or more ifhe hit:flight it felfe.As where Chrift is cal- led the father of Eternity, it is toff Emphaticall; so fignifie ti-,at he i Eremitic it felfe, and the author of it. Secondly,hee teacheth that this perfection of the God- head, is the carafe of euery perfe6l thing in vs. To con- clude, the fayi, of lames is in effeòi nomore, but that which theProphet Dauid b had long before conceiued, Tecrtuf with thee is the foa:ntaine of life , in thy Light doe we (or let vs)fee light : and that from the wel-fpringof Gods infinitepertc ion,do flow the tlreames ofwhatfts= euer perfetIneffe is invs.We need not goe far to frooue, Pith a in himwe liue,and rrs,oue,andbane our beei From the Infinitenelíle and Eterniy ofGad,botlt thefe two things doe-follow. Firtl, that to fpeake truely and properly, God onely hath vvhatfoeuerthings are good and perfeet, for he onely hath them from himlelfe,all o- thcr haue from him,he onelye4fentiallyand ofhis meere nature, in other theybe but:-qualities , oucrand betides their nature: he onely iufinitely,all other but in meafure; he onelyvnchangeably,allother haue them- fubiedt vnto change. In regardwhereof theScripture faith, that all a the Inhabitants ofthe Earthare accounted as nothink, e before himare nothing: yea, lefte then nothing , that I in himwe liue,andmooue,and haue ourbeing, and that g bee is ear life, as ifwee in coaipatifon had no life, motion; nor z a Efay b P.41.36.1e, C d Uin.4.1.1ö - e Efay40.17. fAíYs g 33eaat.3a.Lo,