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7'hefirfi BookeofDiuinitie, CHAP.'. This is it wee tneane by le- bouah,who up- on all that bath beene faid is nor can be but one, being at all. Further, that he findeth hnoffedfa,}neffein his Seruants,norputteth light in hw Angels.That i hefin- dethno ¡edfas neffe in his Spirts , and that theHeauens themfelnes, that is to fay, thofeheauenly Spirits, arenot cleave inhis cies,rneaning,ifthey be comparedwithhim. To conclude, that there is nonegoodbut God,heonlyholy, only bleffed, only mightie, only wife, onlyh4th immortality. As ofall theft particulars, fomewhat we heard before. Secondly, That there is nor can bee but oneGod, for there can be but one onely thing infinite, one onely to exifl of,and by it felfe,and to glue exiflence vnto all other things.Mans nature,be- caufe it is imperfeél, loth therefore admit compofition , and becaufe it is finite,may in part communicate it felfe,Whence it corn- meth , that lohn and Peter, and emery fingular man differ one from another in their effence andnature,becaufe the whole humane nature is not , nor cannot bee in each of them,but is part in one,and part in another, and therfore they are many men. But God,becaufe he is a moll Tingle and perfe6l,and infinite of ence,towhomfoeuer hecom- municateth his nature (as he hath before all times,to his Son and holy Spirit) mull steeds communicate the fame wholly,and perfe lly, and infinitely. So as there can be but one God : for if there be many, one muff differ from another in hawing that the other bath not: fo can they not be perfe6l,muchIdle can they be perfe&lion it felfe, perfe6iion being that which is both perfe&of it felfe, and giuethpetfedlion to all other things. But being ma- ny gods , ifone fhould giueperfeo`lion to the other, that other were not God. For bee had not his Godhead of himfelfe , if all had of chemfelues, none fhould glue to other : fo none of them were God. And infinite how can that be which is diflributed among many: for where there be many, all muff be circumfcribed,becaufe,where one Pagans and hea- thens , men that bring in a multi- tude of gods , and foupon the matter make no God at all.