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38 Thefirft Boeke ofDiuinitie, C x A P. I q Iudges 6,u. r rage/ 13.8, I o,zz,z3. f 6,71.31. t r,t 3 t 60.28.13, u G0,18.2o,2,1 Gert.31,8. hee flood was holy. And afterwards , lehouah faid to I o s H V A Lo , I gime Ierico into thy bands, &f. Here the Epithete , O f the Prince o f theH o f f o f I E H o v A H , the adiund}s ofvvorfhip, belonging to God onely,which theAngels doe renounce, and of pluckängofthefhoo, be_ caufetheplace is holy (a peculiar marke of the Maieflieof God) and laflly,theeffects ofgiming Ierico intohishands, proue this man to be Iefus Chrift, the true lehouah, and God alone. Hee q which appeared vnto Gedeon, with a walking [iaffe in his hand,and is called,The4ngelof I E H o V A H, is allo named lehouah, and confirmeth 9edeon,that by the power which hechad giuenvnto him, finding him and promifinghis prefence with him, bee fhould lane /frail out of the hands of the Midiat ites : whereby bee doth manifefily declare himfelfe to be the Lord ofglorie. The Angell r of God which appeared to t'Vlanoah, and his wife, by them both cxprtfly called a man, when hehad declared himfelfewondetfull, by his miraculous afcendingin the flameofthe fire, that was vpon the Al- tar , MAN O AH faidvnto his wife, wee/lall certainly die, for wee baue fear, t God. But his wifePaid vnto him :if I E- H O V A H had pleafed to 1211 vi, he wouldnot hale receimed at our banda burnt offering, nor gift , nor baueflawed veto vs all thefe things, &c. Here Manoah caileth himGod, and his wife, lehouah: fo that thinallo muil needs be the eternall Sonne of God, the Angell ofthe Coucnant. Genefis 31. f The Angell of God which appeared to Jacob in a dreame , and bade him to returne into the Countrey of his Natiuitie, telleth him, I am themightle God of Bethel , where thouanoyntedt a Pillar and there them vowcdfla vowvntome. But vowes are onely to beemade to lehouah. And Moles in that triode had fo called him t before , yea , Jacob in the Vow it felfe had laid , that u lehouah fhould bee his God : and in his z Prayer, when he was afraid of his brotherE s A V, O God of my B