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-mu CH 4 F . I . concerning G O D. 37 note out the great myfìerne of his Incarnation and is cal- led an Angel! (not bynature ; but by office) as in i MA. i Malach.3.r. L A C H Y , The Angell of the Cotenant , and himwhom kZach.arycalleth, The Angell of I EH a v A x, bade i ter- k Zachar.3.z. meth Michael the Arch..angell which is Chrifl our Sa- 1 rude verfe 9. uiour. This foundation laid, which cannot faile, I come to thole places where the Name of lehouah is giuen to him : And firfl , to thole where this Angell appeared as a man, Gent g , Three men (being indeed Angels) appe- red vnto Abraham, ofwhich three, one was leboteah, for fo the very beginning of the Chapter hath it, Feerther, I E x o v A êt appeared vnto him in the Plaine ofMamre,for when bee itft. vp his ere', behold, threemenfloodbeforehim: and afterwards, m fehouah,one of them,had communica- n, Goa8.13, Lion with him and t is wife. Againe, of thefe three men, 15,17,1o. two d went towards Sodome, who are called angels. n Gen.r9J. But lehouab, 11111 remayned with 4braham, till hee had left communing with hirn. The very o next Chapter it is o Gen./9,2,4. Paid, I E x ay A pawed downe vpon Sodome andGomor- rah,fire andbrimflone ont ofheavenfrom I E H O V A H, that is,Chrill fromhis Father.Gcn.3 a.24.When Jacob was left alone beyond the Riuer, after he had fent away his com- pariie, It man wre fled with him till the morning, whom C o B calleth,'7henightie God:narring the place where this was done,Peniel, that is,Theplacewhere hefawtheface ac ofthe 'nightie God : whereby appearethmanifeffly that it was lehonah : which in the Prophet r florets is yet more cui- p Hofh,r2.5. dent,where Iehoteal, faith,that at BethelGod found him, that is , mrt Jacob, and appeared vnto him,andthere (faith that IEH-OVAH)bejakewith vs. Iofhua 6. lofhta being at ¡erica, a man flood be.. fore himwith a fword drawne in his hand. Ie/bua deman- ding vvho hee v` as , hee fail , Hee »at thePrince of tho He of I E H o V A H: whereupon lofhta fell downe vpon his face , and worfhipped him. Then hee bade 1-fbna plucke off his fhooes from his feete; for the place where D 3 hee