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C H A P. t. concerning G o D. 41 in 1 I o H N ,1 am the rcay, the truth ( in which one,his ab- f alute and perfe&geodnes cucrie way is vnderflood)and thelife,I am m the refrreilion and life. Againe,thas n Jefrs Chrit is the trite God and life eternal/. Why life ? Becaufe he bath it of himfelfc,and giueth is to others. And there- -of it is, that o Teter calieth him The Prince of Life. Hence it is , that the Euangeliíl John p calling hien,The trio Light,addeth the rcafonby and by : which lighteneth emery mass thatcommeth into the World.Hence alto it is,that in the Prophet Efay,he is termed q the Father ofEternity. And in the r Proverbs not only Wifedome,bttt Wfdomes in the plurali. Wi/edornes,faith Salomon, that is,the Wife. dome of all Wifedome. Wifedome it felfe, and the Au- thor of it, Iefi,s Chriff , the verie Wifedomeof themoil wifeGod,cryeth abroad,&c.And that this is to bevnder_ flood(not of a flitting and vanifhing !speech , but) of Chrifl the eternal! Wifedome of his Father, the whole courfe of the eighth Chapterfheweth fo tnanifeflly, that it were in vaine to fl andvpon it. Moreouer,he is Infinite, and in many places at once, f lee droelleth in the hearts of all the faithfstll.BeingvponEarth,he was in Heauen,as he faith y The Sanne of an which cs in Pleamess : contrari.. wife,conzinuing no'v in heaven, yet he is vpon the earth, Matth,28. 20,1am roil hyou to the end ofthe World. And as he is without circumfcription of place, fo alto hee is Omnipotent in Power,infinite in Knowledge and Good- wife it felfe : for hisPower, hee is exprefly called u the ,4lmightie csac, and of the Infiniteneffe of his Knowledge, what more honourable tellimonie can we haue,then that of x P E T E R, Lord,:hou k, owes1 all things : yea,things, future and tocome,afwell as others, which he declareth afore-hand vnto`his Church?As the fame Y Apofile faith, Thefore- witnefr..g ffiirit of Chrill declared the things, that Were to 6efa1l unto haw, and theglerie that roan tofoll.w.And by his Arvument is his God-head rnanifefllyiprooued, %'6fay 41. where Godprovoking all falfe gods, and their -wor-- I Iohri i 4,6, m Ir,hn Ir. zS, n J. lohn 5.20. 9 trill 96 r Pratt,r.zo,. fEpbef,v7. a 3.13, r Reuel.t.8' x Iohn z1 17e y J.Pet,J.t6, Z Efay41,$z, Z3,36,