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42 The fir/l Boeke ofDiHinitie, CHAP. r, a 14. =.s4,z; b Mattá.9.q. c 8an.g.i3. worfhippers,to bring their proofs, and tovfe their (iron_ gef} arguments, bee faith, Let themutter and declareunto vs the things that/hallfall out. The formerthings what they were, declare, that wemayfct Derr mind vnto them, and know the endofthem,or the things to come, declare unto vs , nay, (faithhe) declare tint theApsesof the thing; hereafter, that wee may knowyou to begods. At the length he concludeth, There is none that can declare there is none that can fore -tell , there is none that can heareyour works : e/1 chiefeman in Sion in whom behold, behold thefe things , and to lerufalem, a Publiiber ofglad tvdings Iwill grue. The fumme is, none can declare things immediately, nor at the length tocome to pafie, nor giue any incling or fiá nification offuture things : but all this glorie God taketh to himfelfe in Chrifl, yea, fo infinite is this his Know_ ledge,that euen the fecrets of all hearts(whichGod one- ly difccrneth) are knowne vntohim : for that is it which the Euangelif} lobs, a exprefly noteth , Hee committed not himfelfe into the handsofthe Lewes , which after a fort beleeued in him, becaufe he knewall men, andhad noneed that any f ould tef ifie of man; for himfelfe knewwhat was no man. In another b place bee is laid to haste feuee chair thoughts : and i euel.z. r4.tofearch the heartland the reines. Neither doth this knowledge ref} here, but it foundeth the bottomlefie counfels of God his Father, vnfearchca- ble of all his Creatures, Retselations 5, The Booke with feuen Scales in the right hand ofhim that fate vpon the Throne, which none in Heauen, nor vpon the Earth, nor vnderthe Earth was able toopen, norfomuch as to looke vpon it ; this Lyon of theTribeof ludah,thc root of Dauid, by his owne Power preuailed toopen. Here- of it is , that in the Prophet c Daniel wee find him let forth by the name ofP A L M o N I: Then Iheard (faith he) a certaine Saint f eaking, for the Saint failveto P AL- At o N a thefßeaker, (that is, to Chrifi, the Interpreter of his Fathers wiI)How long/lial thúVtfson be?PAL M o N i is a compound word,and fignifieth as much as to haue all hid