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-To THE RE A D.B ri, men , and grace to vfe them , that there hauenot beene wanting in dick larcer times many famous Vrorthies,who haue happily laboured in this kind, and with great foundneffe and perfpicuitie haue delivered and cleered chef mayne points by their (peaking and writing. Among which ( Christian Reader) I commend vnro thee the Author ofthis Book; , as deferuing iuffly to be ranked among the beff,both for Method and Matter, found handling ofthe chiefepoints of Chriflian Religion, and for cleering by the way dfuers hard places of holy Scripture. All which bee performeth in this worke with fuch learning, iudgemenr,and pietie, that had bee herein refpeaed theprayfes ofmen, hee might well haue graced his Name with his worke, euen as his Worke would haue beene graced by bis Name , and not asone athamed offo beautifull an ofdfpring, haue fuffered it tocomeabroad into the World as an Orphan, the Father (till liuing, onely vnder thenameofan vnworrhy God- father. The which I write not to commend the Author, who as he is farre aboue myprayfes in thehighpitch of his owne worth; fodothhe not defile, but rather fhunneth them ; and , as to the willing , an iniurie is no iniurie ; fo,anofficious dune is no benefit, but a kind ofwrong.,where (the partie pilling) it is for- ced andobtruded. Nor yet doe I praife the worke for theWorkers fake, which , though it comrnth abroad without the Fathers name,yet will,I doubt nor, in fhort time be famous in its owne name and excellencie; but that I may with the weake thread ofmycenfure draw thee to perufe it; and to will it Cufll-