Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BT70 .D75 1628z

To Ti $ READER. fufficiently commend it felfe , and glue there iuft cauteofprayfingGod for ffirringvp fuch inflru- mentsofhis Glorie and thy good. The Lord make this and all other the godly labours of his faithfull Seruants , effeauall for magnifying of his great Name , and the further buildingvp of thebody of hid Sonne, tillwee all come in the Ynitieofthe Faith andtheknowledgeofthe sonneofGodvnto a perfeél Man, and unto themeafure of theratureoftheful- neffê ofChrifl, that ive henceforth be no more chil. dren totted to andfro,andcarryedabout witheuery wind ofdoctrine, by the fleight ofmen , and cunningcra,ftineffe,whereby they lye inwait to decerue : but lieaking the truth in loue ,may growvp intohim in all things which is theHead, euen Chrifl. AMEN, Thine in the Lord Iefus, JOHN DOWN AME. 17 4 Epb%q.i 2,,T3.