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concerning G o n. 45 Fourthly , He fendethforth the Hey CÇhoß out of his owne fubilance, and therefore is indeed and truelyGod, if( as íhall bee prooued anon ) the Holy Ghofl himfelfe. be God. Fifthly,The workes which only belongtoGod,Chrií loth the fam°,and that in the fame mauner,as he faith in o I o u N , iYhat(eetter the Fatherdoth , the fame the Sonne o lohn dath lakewire. And r againe,MyFather work,eth hitherto, p john s.i3. and I worke. Whereupon , truely and rightly the Ievtes concluded , that hee made himfelfe equall with God. It were long to goe thorow all , but to feleE the chiefe and principali among all the workesof God , none is more neere, and inward to the Sacred Maieflie, then theEter- nail Eie&ion which is within himfelfe,andknowne only to himfclfe,and wherof he alone cloth keepe the Booke. This is attributed vnto Chriff , loh. is'. ran haue not chafen wee, but 1 haue chofenyau,thatyou might bringforth fruit and that your fruit may remaine. :. which properly meant ofthe dignity andoffice ofApoille -- liip,whereun-- to Chriflbath chofen them,giueth themwithal this corn- for:, that as theyhad this honor to be the Arch- Mafons, and Mafler-Builders of the Church , which is the houfe of the liuingGod : fo themfelues were liuely flones of that fpirituall Building : and to hatte part in the fruit, which by their Miniflerie they (hould reach forth, for the euerlalling good of many, in q facing of themfeities, g s.Tirn.4,c. afwell as others ; without which,their ioyhad not beetle full. And aptly doth this follow, as the Root and Foun- taine of that moft Honourable Title , to bee hìßfriends; whichhe had vouchfafed toglue veto them itnmediatly before.But more manifeff is that, lah.i 3.18.1fpeake not of yam4,1 knowwhom Ihauechafen. But it behooaeeth that the Scripturefhould beefulfilled, He that eateth breadwithmee, bath liftvphia haleagainfFme. The circumflances,of ex- emptingone of the .Apoflles outof the number oftheblef fe.d,making hisele&ion the caufe ofthis their difference, re..