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44 The firfl Evoke ofDiustaitie, CHAP. I. k lohn 1741" . 1 Heb.9 14. Heb, t .z. m Efay9.3 made, f am. Againe, k Glorifie met, O Father , with the glorie which 1 had before theWorld w&with thee. That alto to the I Hebrews', where hoc is faid to haue offered vp himfelfe , br hit eserla.fting Spirit, is very pregnant to prooue his eternal! Deitie. And, when by hip" God made all Ages, the times and courfes of all things, muff no: hee the Maker and Beginner ofTime, bee himfelfe before all Time? But that of all other is molt emphaticail, where he is called, in The FatherofEternitie, not onely eternal!, but Eternicie it felfe, and t heAuto °fit. Thirdly, Being theSwine andbegotten,as before appea- red ,hee muff needes beevnderflood to bee ofhis Fathers Effence. For hee that begetteth, and they that are begot. ten, are all of one nature, efpecially, her that bath not the like but the fame veryEffence, and wholc Godhead in him. As he is therefore Confublfantiall,foishecoequal! withhis Father. A fonne is infcriour to his father, be- caufe his father is more excellent thenhee, inpriori. ieof Time, inprioritie of Dignitie : Forhis Wifedome ando- ther parts, which the fonne by inflfué ionreceiuethfrom him. Againe , becaufe hee belfoweth freely this benefit vpon his fonne, to beget him : for, &filly parents ingen- der voluntarie of their freewill and elegy}ion , not by na- ture. Thefe things fet afide, a fonne (who bath not the fame, but the like nature with his father) were equal! withhim. Howmuch more therefore is this true in the Sonne of God , who is not ofthe like but of the felfe- fame Natureand Effence withhis Father, and in whom none ofthe things before alleaged can take place? Priori- tie of Times there is none, for all arc Cocternall, nothing vnperfeet : for, what is theGod-head but perfeaion it felfe ? Neither doth the heauenlyFather likeunto flefhly parents beget his Sonne voluntarily,fo as hee might haue begotten hirn,orleft him vnbegotten,ormay beget moe : but bee begetteth him byNature, and therefore him a- lone. ,Fourth-