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-., concerning G oD. the Earth, and the Htauens are the work! of thy bands. And, By bim, faith the fame c Apoflle, Godmade the Ages , that c Heb.t.a, is, Time, and the courfe and fuccef ion ofall things:with this glorie ofCreation is coupled another, not inferior of the cherifhingand prcferuing of the things created. So `Prou.8.3e. he faith, that he is with God his Father, noo- riJbing and gladding them continually. Hither belong thole diuine Workes and Miracles , rnanifeflly pointing cut his God-head, He rebuked theWinds, and they obeyed him, rayfedvp the dead, opened the eyes of them that wereblind, eafl out Deuil,, had power tofend them into hell : to their fearefull place oftorment, for d they befought him , not d Lùke 8.31. to doe ir. And all this hee did not as the Prophets and A- pofiles , but by his owne foueraigne Power. As the E- uangelifl C noteth, that hereupon feare came on all the a Luke 5.3c people, maruelling what thismightbe. For euen,fay they, with antboritie andpower bee comt»andetb the vncleane fpi- rits , and they come out. And howmuff not this Power needes bee his owne, when bee taketh vponhim to glue it to others ? The f Euangelifl recording, that hee gale f powervnto the twelue Apofiles , to clenfe Lepers, to rayfe the Dead,to calfout Devils,&c. which anthoritie,they like faithfullferuants did fopurfue, as it might eafily appeare, they derived their whole vertue from him alone. Hence is that of g PETER In the 7 ameof Chrifi , arife and g "Os 3.c. wake : and !E N EA s, h fetus Cbri.i Both heale thee. I (land h AC/i19.34. not here to preffe thofe glorious workes, whereby his God-head fhineth mofk cleerely in the Church, in fub_ duingtheproud enemies thereof, and generally, all the Reprobates, hardening their hearts, and deliuering them vp vnto theirowne damnation. For fo, the i Euange- i iohn 1z49a lií} , when heehad (hewed that the Iewecouldnot be- 4o,4r. leeue, bccaufe Es AY had faid, Hebathblinded their eyes, andhardened their hearts,leïl theyAmid fee with their eyes, and enderflandwith their beart,and1 fbouldheale them; im- mediately added), Tbefe tbings,faith. I sit I A x,when hee faw