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54 The fir Booke ofDiuirtitie, CHAP. I. plyeth to the holy GhofI , Well faid the holy Ghofi by E. s A r A s the Prophet, to our Fathers,failing, Goe vnto tltr people, and /"ay, Hearing,yce fhall beare, &c. Secondly, the effentiall properties of the God-head are here likewife to befound.He is termed Truth it Idle, to note the lnglcneffe of his Nature. r. lohn 5. 6. The Spirit u Truth , bath an Immenficie and Infinitene% of place, &l'elling at once in the heart ofall theEle%}.i.Cor. 3.16. Ks owyee not that yet are theTemple ofGod, and that the Spirit ofGod dwcllethinlout ? Ro!m8.9,r r,TheSpirit of Cbri that dwelleth inyou. Hee lay over that whole maffe and lurnpc whereof the Heauens and Earthwas after- wards made.Gen. .2.The Spirit ofGod layvpon the waters, ouer_fpreading it as a Hen doth her Chicken. Hee filleth all things with his prcfence.Pfal.z 39.7, WhitherJhalllgoe from thy Spirit ? Hach a free and abfolute power of wor- king at ter his owns pleafiirc.r,Cor.r2.1 r.Fle di,flributetb hie gift.rat hee will : for bee is the very power of God. So called Like r. 3 5. The holy Ghoff Ad' come vpon thee, rind the power of the moll High(hall oseer.fhaddow thee. And for r4. that v.hich e Matthew faith, I will cast out beuild by the íule'iiao. Spirit of God, Lv x E bath it , If1 call out Dcuila by the finger of God. Yca, he is the Cider of all pow ,rand ver- tu".114,a4b.3.8. But 1 amfilled with vertue from the Spirit o f I E B o v A H ,with iudgernent,and with power : Is of in- finite Wifcdom: and Know ledge,cuen to fore-tell things g Iohx z6.í4, to come, g The things that are to ccme, fail beedeclare to Chrili, yea, to found the very 1 .'ttotre of the niott fecret things of God. 7.0-vr.2.2o. The Spiritfearcb_ eìb the depths ofGod. And oil this he bath from birnfelfe, andof hirnfilfe , as moil elegantly the h Prophet teach- cth Who bath i sa f r red the Spirit o f I E H o v AH, a6 a. tin of hit counfell taught him? with whom bath bee eom- mannicatedcoonfell, that hemight infirm him,and teach bin the way of I:.dement, euaen teach him Knowledge , and the waxy of wif domes, (moll abfolute and pelf6t wifedorne) wiz Ei+y4o.s3, 14.