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CHAF.I. concerning G O D. 5 malte knotone veto him. For of Goodnefle, what (hall I need to fpeake ? Whole Name it felfe proclaimeth his Holineffe,and whofe ¡fruits areLenitie, Kindnefe, Good- i Gal.1.t20,;, nef fe, Faith, Meekeaeffe, TemperNnce, and whatfoeuer good rs? Eternitic is alto his, in that,as fhail bee Chewed anon, he is the Creator ofall things, and therefore muf} needes be, before any thing began. Thirdly, not onely his proceeding fromGod, but the verie Name of Spirit fheweth the Effence and Nature which he is of. For as the fpirit of a manmuff needes be truely ofmans nature , and is the moil formali and effen- tiall part ofman fo,and much more it muff bee thought of the Spirit ofGod;vpon whomno compofition falleth. This in effe61 is the Apoflles oNne argument, r.Cor.2. r a. For whoofmen knoweth the things ofman but thefpirit of man that is in him ? so alfo none k iotoetb the things of God, but the Spirit ofGed,who is in him,& ofhis owne Eficnce, andNature,as the oppofition fheweth more plainely. Fourthly, touching the Workes which onely belong toGod, of the eternall Decrees regiffred in the Book! of I 6 N O V A H ,the Prophet faith,Hiakmoutb bathcomman- k Zfay38.t6. sled, and hie Spirit bath collet-fed them. Secondly, In the Creationof all things,he wrought together with theFa- ther and the Sonne,gen.1.2. TheSpirit ofGod lay vpon the N'aters,meaning, that as a Bird lyingvpon her Egges,and coucring them veder her wings, doth by a naturali warmth andheate, which commeth from her, hatch and bring forthher youngones : So did the Spirit ofGod by his liuely power and working, frame and fafhion the World out of that lumpéofWaters,lob 26.1 3.Byhis Spi.. rit he beautified (or beautifullyframed) the Yeaatens. Efày 40.1 3. who holpc the spirit of I s H o v AH? Meaning, in the Creation, which he ofnext before. Hence it is, that Elihm I in the Booke of lob, profeffethhimfclfe to 1 Io! 32.4; be his Crew.ure;and the workem-n(hp ofhis h'.nds.Tbe Spirit ofthe Clightie godbarbm,.de r»ee,andthc breath of E 4 the