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58 The fill Bo9ke ofDittinitìe, CHAP.i. fReuel.x.6. g Lohn 15;21. send r6,17. h Zzsh.4.10. a.Pet. r.a. k Iohn T. t ;. Who are borne aaot ofbloudd&c. but ofGod.Ko, v.3; .Jt is God thati4ftifieth. 1 Mat.z$,re. m te feuen Spirits f are laid to befeatforthinto all the Earth, as if they were Miniflers and Attendants vpon the Lambe : for both the word fending,is g many times fpokenofthe holy Spirit ; and h Zacharie bath the phrafe,afrolling to and fro vpon all theEarth. Sixthly,He calleth and appointeth to the workeofthe Miniaerie,and that by an equal! power,and as it were,a ioynt commiflionwith God , Efay48.16. I E H OVA It bathPent me,andhis Spirit , A&s t 3.z. In the folemneAf- femblyat e/intioch,whileíl they wereminiiring and falling, the Holy Ghaft Paid, Separate nse now SAV L and BAR N A B A s to the works whereunto Ihaste calledthem.Sofaith PA V L, Aids 20.28. Takeheed toyourfillies and to the Flocke,whereoftheHoly Gho. ii bathmadeyouBilbaps. And this was the warrant that Peter had of his calling to preach vnto the Gentiles , e.45b ro.r9,2o. Wh lcfl hec doubtedofthe Vifîonwhich he faw, and made queflion ofit the Spirit [aid vnto him Behold , three men peke thee, arife andget thee downe,andgoe with them, making no queflionat all: for I homefent them. Finally , that of the fame Apoflle is general:, i Not by thewill ofman was Pro- phecie heretofore brought , but as they were led of the Holy ghot, did theholymen ofGodfpsake:. Seucnthly,Regeneration,as alto Iuflification,and San- ¿ification, (all the folc k and proper vorkc ofGod)come from hirn,lohn 3.5.Vnle f e onebe borne ofPrater,andof the Spirit ,hecannot enter into the Kingdome ofGod.Tit.3.5.He hathfacedvs by the Lauer ofRegeneration, and renewing of the HoyGhaff, t.Cor.6.i i.Andfuch werefore ofyo:,6ut youarewa/bedfrom them , but ye are fanaited, but yee are iciflifaed in the Nameof the Lord lefi.s andby thespirits of our God. Eightly the markes allo and fleps of his God-head arc not obture. Firfl, Wee are 1 baptized into his Name. Secondly, loins n prayeth for Grace and Peace from him. Thirdly,whea theApoflles a doe warrant the decree