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CHAP.!. concerning. G O D. 59 decree vchich they made by this Argument is Pealed yod to the holy Choi# andvs; is it not plaine that they glue -him a diuine Authoritte and the fupreme Soueraigntieof God hi nfelfe ? Fourthly , How much maketh it for his God -head, that the firme committed o againtl him, that is, his fpeciall grace and working,can neuer be forg:,uen? Ninthly , plaide teaimonics of Scripture calling him God, the mightie God,tc. E s AY P hauing, dilcourfc d of the excellent and incomparable, both Power and Wife- dome of the Spirit , addeth; To whom then dill you Bien themightie God Irnanifeflly calling him the !nightie God. As Peter q alto loth, when asking ANA N I A s, WhySatan hadfilled his heart ta lye againfl the Spirit ofgod, forth. u< ith hec addeth , Thouhail not Dyed to men , bHt to Cod. Hither belongeth that veto the r Corinthians, For who among then knewcth the things ofman, false thefpirit of man that is in him ? So alfo none knoweth the things of god, isst the Spirit of God. Where , to make the comparison hold as it ought, you must needesfay, that as the Apoflle exprcfly noteth, none to know the things ofman, but a veryman : So he meaneth, that none know the things of God , but hee that is God indeed. So that this alto is a moll cleere p.rooieof the God-head of the Spirit. This is the fumme of our most precious Faith , con- cerning the God-head of the Sonne and holy Ghoi , a- gain{± iirricu,Sertretus, and ail that helIifh crue,which eio ther bring in amultiplicitie ofgods(and fo in truth make no God at all) or imagine a fecondariekind ofGod- fhip,. making them inferior to theFather, or of the like but not of the felfe-fame offence : and againfl whatfoeuerhe- refies elfe, that Hell hath forged, and Satan set abroach,, to the dishonour of these three Perlons, the one onel;E true and tuer-liuingGod ,.Cocquall Coeternail9 and. Confabllantiall,whomwe onely honour and ferue, C. H A Po. o v+fatt.r2.i3, p Efay 4o.73 a is.