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The fillBûoke ofDirtitsitie, CxAP.2. CHAP. II. Of the eternal! Decreer of God. Godbeing thus in his Na- ture and Per- rons molt glo- rious, bath further em- broideredhim, felfe in glorie, by two notes of excellencie which bee ta- keth to him, Kingdoate and Honour. Kingdome is that whereby he dol excite an abfolute Co- ueraigntie to- ward other. The order whereof,an- fwerable to the relation be- tweene the :Pcrfons them- felucg, is from the Father in the Sonne, by theholyGhofi; towhom is at- tributed the immediate do- ingofthem. a Rom.S,tte He glorie of God , which from all Eterni- tie did Thine in and to himfelfe , it bath furtherpleafed hirn both to manifefl la the exercifing ofa Kingdotc , and to is large, by takinghonor veto him. There fore, our Sauiour in the Lords prayer, af- ter tyre Name of God, comprehending his nature and per- fcst:s, whichhitherto haue beene handled , addeth thefe other two : Thy Kitrgdowlesome, thyYYill bedoors, tic. By the one he rulcth, by the other his rule is obeyed.This,to fpeake properly, is not any otherKingdome then that whichhe had before,but the aftuall exercife toward and putting into praáìice of that Kingdorne or Soueraigntie, which is of his very nature , as our Sauiour doth diflin- uifh thern, Mat.6. when faying,Thy Kingdom come,&c. he ad Beth by and by, For thine is the Kingdom, &a. The order ofthe adminiflrationofit is in this manner: The Father is firfl in Order,not in Power,nor inTime,is the firpreme workingCaufe, who doth whatfoeuer bee Both, in theSonne,and theybothby the holy Spirit : To whom is attributed the irrnnediate doing ofthem,not as if either the Sonne or Spirit were inflrumcnts to worke by, but bothofthem be principal) efficient Caufes, and they all, that one & the fameGod that workcth all in all. The place for this diueritie of working, is manifefl in theEpifile to the Romanes, a Bat if the Spirit of him thot rayfed refitsfrom the deet.d,dwell inyou,he that rayfedChriff from the dead,wi!quicber, al(o yoncr mortal" bodies by hisSpi- rit du+ellrrrginyou. Here (as you fee) all is comprehended. The Father quickening inChrif},by his Spirit that dwcl- leth in vs; for to this end bee makctla mention of Chrills ravßng from the dead. More cleere betweene the Father and