Downame - BV4500 D67 1613

THri EPISTLE DEDICATORY. more fecurely the peoplefleepe in finne , the louder mutt theycrie till they haue awakened them , wheat Ezech.33.70 they fee Gods iudgcments approchingand ready to feize vpon them : otherwife the people (hall die in their Pinnes, but their bloud (hall be required at the watchmens hands. Theconfederation of which duty, and the intire lone which I beare to my deare coun- try, hath made me willing , whom the Lord hath vouchfafed this great and excellent calling to becte downe, as much as in me lieth , fourecapitali fins of this land,prophane Swearing , beatify Drunkenneffc, filthy VVhordome,and corruptingBribery; bothbe. caufe they are fo odious and abominable in Gods fight, that theymake our whole country Iiable to his wrath, and to Rand indangered to the. fearefullett of bis iudgements; and al fo becaufè I perceíue that they are in the wane ,but in the increafe; and that like frettingcankers,they fpread further andfurtherin the bodyof our State ; fo that if thole members which are already infeEed bee not either cured by Gods Minitiers, or cut off by his lawful' Magiftrates, it is tobe feared that thefe fores offinne will grow defpe- rate, and part hope ofany cure. The whichmy poo~e labours I defired fhould offer themfelues veto the publike view vider the fafe-guard of your honora. ble patronage, beeing mooued thereunto both by mine owne lone , and your fitneffe : my loue towards your Honours, being chiefelygrounded upon your loue towardsGod , and to his true religion , fhewed both in your holy profeflion and ChriftianpraCtife, bath imboldnedme tokaue veto the worldthis per- petual; teftimonyof your worth , and mygoodwill, and 'naked) me beleeue, that thefe my workes fhrow- ded