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ZJirg.,4eneiá. :,l,sas Lutc.zr.34 Pro.3 r.4 Leu. ro9 Nwna,i.3 Efa.Z8.7 r.Tim3.3.8 Tit, i. 7 .SeEt.z. z.7'he drun- karddifgra. cetbbis po- feilion and e;o pofctF, himfelfe tocontempt. 9z7h4t the drunkardfinneth motgriestoufy againfihimfelfe, where fpcakingof the Grecians furprifing Troy in the time of the Trojans drunkennelTe,he faith, Inuadtrnt vrbemfesn- novinoquefepultane: They atraulted the City which wasbu- ried in ilcepe and wine . So that theywho glue themfelues to this vice, are no moreable toperform=any good,duties of their cailings,thenehofe who arc dead and buried beable to doe the work=s ofthe liuing. And hence it is,that as theLord ref?raineth all omen (rom this (inne : fo efpecially Magifirates andMini Clefs , becaufe theircallings are ofgreatefl vfe and impoi tance,and there(oretheír negle6 ofthcmmoll perni- cious,both to ChurchandCommon.wealch.To thispurpofe is that, Pro. 3 r , 4. It is notfor Kings, OLemuel,it is not for Kings todrink! wine,norfor Princesffrongdrink=,s.Let bee drinkeandforget thedecree, andchange the iNdgensent ofthe children ofaffliltion . So the Pricks and Leuitswereprohibi- ted the vfeof wine and firong drinks vpon the penaltyof death, when theywere tocome into the Tabernacleofthe congregation,to execute theoffice ofthe Priefihood,Leuit. 10.9. And theNazaritcs alfo who haddedicated themfelues toGods feruise, as appeareth,Num.6.3.which commande- ment when theprietis neglec&ed , they fhamefully erredout oftheway oftruth.failed in vifion,andflssmbled in iudgemcnt, as we may fee, Efa.28.7. The like care theLord bath filmed in refiraining the Minitiers of theGof ell from this vice;for where he defcribcth what manner of men he would haue chofen into theMinifiery, hef ill requireth that they befog, ber, temperate, and not giueia to cxccffeand drunkennefle. Secondly , the drunkarddifgraceth himfelfe and hispro- feflion, and expofeth his name and perfon to the iuf+ con- ternpt andreproch ofall : for whereas he profefleth thathe is a Chrifiian whobathhis part in Ch riff andhis merits,in this his pra&ife heclearly prooueth that he isnothing leffe; for a true Chrifiian is a childof the light , andwalketh in the light-it 'Thef. . But thedrunkard is the childofdarkeneffe, and the workes whichhe worketh are work=s, not oftheday but ofthe night,verf.7.A true Ch ri (ban is religiousand ful of pietyrbut the drunkard is fofarte from this, that he bath not fo